Tips for Creating an Outdoor Living Space You’ll Love

Spending most of your time indoors during hot summer days is not always good for your health. What if we tell you that you can cook, read and rest in your backyard, or even host dinner parties if you love to prepare food for your loved ones? Instead of hiding in the kitchen or worrying about your utility bills because you have to turn on the AC as soon as you arrive home, you can create an outdoor space you’ll love and invite other family members to spend more time outside.

It doesn’t matter whether your yard is too small or you’re worried about incorporating new elements into your design; hiring Stilus Design and Construction will help you find the balance and build a resting area of your dreams.

Build an outdoor kitchen

Many Australian homeowners are looking forward to building their outdoor kitchen. They’re modern and functional, and more importantly, they allow you to keep your house fresh and even save on electricity.

Building an outdoor kitchen doesn't have to be a large investment if you know how to handle DIY projects. Start small, and equip your kitchen with essentials such as an oven and a stove, electricity and a kitchen table. If you already have a grill in your backyard, build your summer kitchen around it, and tell your friends and family about the upcoming barbecue parties.

Light it up

A new lighting system is crucial for creating a cozy atmosphere during summer nights. If you’re thinking about spending more time outside during summer it’s advisable to install new fixtures around your patio or illuminate your porch. Outdoor lighting will improve your home security system, but it will also invite you to grab a book and spend some time alone outside.

Don’t forget that it is of great importance to combine beauty and function. Stick to warm lights and choose fixtures that match your landscape design.

Make sure there’s enough shade

It’s easy to get a sunburn during summer, which is why it’s essential to protect yourself from harmful UV lights. Although it’s advisable to apply a generous amount of your sunscreen every day, you should also stay away from the sun. If you want to spend more time outside, make sure there is enough shade in your backyard.

A covered patio will serve you well during summer, but it will also allow you to stay outside and watch the rain pour. However, some people don’t have patios in their backyard but don’t worry, because we have a solution for that.

Those who love to spend time in nature should consider planting a tree in their garden. A leafy tree will provide enough shade, but it will also decorate your outdoor space.

Provide comfortable and cozy seating options

There must be a few areas in your backyard where you can incorporate new seating options. If you care about style, make sure to match your seating options and choose something that both you and your family members will love.

Although outdoor table is ideal for summer fun, consider investing in an outdoor sofa set that will allow you to have at least five guests over. Additional seating should be placed in the same area, but make sure to provide space for people who prefer solitude. Pick the right tree and hang a hammock, or consider installing a swinging chair in your backyard.

Make it functional

Many people want their outdoor living space to look modern and stylish, but it’s also vital that the outdoor area is functional as well. One of the first things you should do when choosing new furniture is to take measures and develop a plan. You don’t want to end up with furniture you won't be able to fit in your backyard once you complete your renovation project.

It’s vital to find comfortable furniture and ensure that every new element you want to purchase is safe. For example, if you have children, it’s advisable to scout for durable materials. Glass coffee tables or thin sliding doors for your patio can increase the risk of injury.

Create ambience

Summer nights are unpredictable. There will be a time when you’ll be able to stay outside for as long as you like, but cold summer winds are not always that generous. Instead of cancelling your parties or providing more blankets or hoodies for your guests, consider building a fire pit.

Fire pits will make your backyard look more sophisticated and stylish, but they will also provide comfort and warmth when you need it the most. Those who love DIY projects will need less than 100 dollars to build a fire pit, and if you’re up for the challenge, you should build one for yourself.

Bring nature to your backyard

Spending time outside is not always magical if there isn’t any greenery. Plants are not expensive, and some of them even require little to no care. If you want to keep the outdoor area clean and safe, take good care of your lawn and mow it at least once a month.

Plant some flowers here and there, and learn how to take good care of them. Gardening is a hobby that will reduce your stress levels and keep you active. Consider planting a vegetable garden, and you’ll feast on fresh vegetables during their season.

Think about maintenance

Speaking of plants and vegetables, it’s vital to determine how much time you want to invest in yard maintenance. If you love nature and don’t mind watering the plants almost every morning, feel free to decorate your garden with colourful herbs and flowers. Remember that you will need a garden hose to water your plants and new gardening tools that will help you keep them alive and healthy.

But, if you want to spend your afternoons with your friends and family, it’s advisable to choose low maintenance decorative plants or hire someone to mow your lawn.

Decorate your outdoor living area

Who said that you can’t channel your inner creativity while decorating your outdoor space? Decorate your outdoor furniture with blankets and table cloths, and use furniture covers to protect it from rain and snow. If you don’t want to build a fire pit, place a few candles on the table, along with a bowl of fresh fruits. You’re the only one who knows how to personalize your space, so get creative and find decorative elements that match your taste.


Additional outdoor living space can be beneficial for your health. Choose your layout and let others inspire you. Talk to your friends who have patios or outdoor kitchens and determine whether the investment is worth it. It will take a while to design a perfect outdoor area, but if you create a plan on time, you won’t have to deal with unnecessary expenses.

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