How do I take care of my garden?

In the summer, our whole family often travels out of town to the dacha. This is a great place to relax, because there is a small lake nearby where you can sunbathe. And the forest is just a stone's throw away. But my dad likes to repeat that the dacha is not only rest, but also occupational therapy. 

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He came up with such a wise word, because he believes that a person is healed not only thanks to the sun, clean air and water, but also thanks to work. Dad willingly makes crafts, decorates our country house, and I help mom and grandmother to harvest vegetables and fruits. And recently I was entrusted with a responsible job - weeding the beds. I called this activity weed control. 

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Oh, and these arrogant enemies! 

They breed themselves and prevent vegetables from growing! Either the sun is obscured, then moisture is taken, then nutrients are stolen. And the plant becomes weak.

And then I go out with a gun-glanders. Hide, weeds! But here you need to be careful, because the enemy is cunning, knows how to disguise himself. For example, last year I weeded beets instead of quinoa.

Now I look closely and slowly pull up the weeds, helping myself with my glanders. I look back - beets are standing in even rows, like soldiers lined up for a parade. And the defeated enemy lies on the ground. He was overthrown, which means he is no longer terrible.
After the occupational therapy session, I feel proud. Still, she did such an important job - she saved the harvest.

This is how I look after my garden. Although it is my duty, it is a joy to me.

My vegetable garden

In the summer, with the whole family, we often go out of town to the dacha. There we will have not only rest, but also occupational therapy. This is what our dad calls treatment labor. For me, this way of a useful application of labor is my garden.

Last year I was entrusted with weeding the beds. I am convinced that this is a very demanding job.

First, you realize that you are beneficial. After all, weeds damage the cultivated plants of the garden. They brazenly block the sun, suck out moisture, and with it nutrients. Vegetables may even die from such a neighborhood.

Secondly, weed control is not easy. They know how to disguise themselves. Therefore, you need to take a closer look at what exactly you are pulling out: beets or, perhaps, quinoa.

Plus, gardening is fun. It is especially pleasant to see the result: you look back and see - the beets stand in rows, like prisoners freed from captivity, and rejoice. And the defeated enemies are no longer terrible, even if they lie in the aisles.

In summer and autumn, it is time to harvest. If you are not lazy and take good care of your garden, you can save a lot of money on buying vegetables. That is why the vegetable garden is not only a source of labor, but also benefits for the family budget. And staying at the dacha means relaxation, occupational therapy, and benefits for the whole family.

Maintenance of the site is performed only by gardeners with extensive experience in gardening. Before the start of all care measures, they are carefully calculated, a clear plan for each stage is drawn up, which is then agreed with the customer.

Our experts will help you in the formation and maintenance of your garden in perfect condition, and in any season you can enjoy the view of a beautiful and well-groomed area, your "paradise".

You just need to leave a request on our website or call the phone number below, and we will be happy to answer your questions and provide gardening services in Yekaterinburg on favorable terms.

Garden care price
  • Lawn mowing - from 5 rubles per 1 m2
  • Hedge trimming - 80 rubles for 1 p / m
  • Formative pruning of a tree - from 220 rubles apiece
  • Fertilizing the lawn 25 rubles per 1m2
  • Fertilization for trees and bushes 30 rubles per 1 piece
  • Weeding 80 rubles per 1 m2
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