5 Herb Plants Suitable to Be Grown in Your Home Garden

Growing flowers is a good hobby. Also, nothing beats cooking at home with freshly harvested homegrown herbs that not only save you money but also deliver phenomenal taste and nutrition. Herbs could be a perfect additive to make your usual meals tasty and attractive. 

Herb plants are also used to create some medicines or even fragrances since they have aromatic properties that are very pleasant to smell. Their scent could help in attracting bees and butterflies into visiting your garden. 

Herbs are not limited into garnishing and medicinal purposes, but in some cases, it is also used in the spiritual aspect. It makes ordinary food taste better and ideally adds color to your home. Who wouldn’t want all these kitchen and garden upgrades from just having herb plants in their home? Thus, read down below as we discuss some herb plants that are suitable to be grown in your garden.


You may be familiar with oreganos since they are included in tomato-centric recipes like pasta sauces and pizzas. Usually, they are combined with Italian vinaigrette and used as marinades of different meat like chicken, beef, and even lamb. They may also serve as a natural deodorizer. 

One reason for you to plant oregano is that it helps fight off pests. Pests could be a pain in the head and be the reason why your other plants would not grow healthily. So, having oregano in your home garden does not only give you nutrition and a refreshing taste, but it also helps keep cockroaches and mosquitoes away thanks to its minty scent since oregano is in the mint family

In planting oregano, it would be best to do it during spring when there is no more frost left and specifically place them in a place where they could receive full sun. If you plan to grow them inside your home, it’s fine, too, as long as they receive enough heat for them to grow. Lastly, they don’t need much water to survive. Watering them when the soil is dry is advisable. 

Sometimes, planting these plants could be very hard and time consuming, especially if you are inexperienced. That is why a professional gardening or tree service is recommended. You can contact Tree Service Syracuse if you need gardening advice since they have been helping thousands of different home owners to make their garden better with their top-notch advises.


Parsleys have a mildly bitter taste and could help balance a savory dish. They are rich in antioxidants and perfect for supporting bone health. Parsley could go with everything, and often, people don’t just get benefits from its leaves, but the seed and roots of it could be used to make medicines to treat some bladder infections, cough, and more. 

The scent of a parsley plant usually gives off a grassy smell. But this does not make it taste bad. Usually, parsleys are used as garnish and delicious to be added in salads, sauces, soups, and marinades to bring you a better-tasting meal. 

Not to mention, parsleys are easy to plant, especially if you start from seed, although it undergoes a germination process that could be slower compared to other seeds. Compared to other herbs, this plant needs to be watered about two to three times a week. But don’t worry, this herb could show you if it needs some watering because you will notice that it will start wilting. 


Rosemary is another herb used to improve digestion, hair loss, joint pain, and more, although there is no much evidence to support this stand. But, in foods, they are usually used as a spice. The taste of rosemary is slightly mint, peppery, with a battery woody aftertaste. The good thing about rosemary is that even when it is cooked, its flavors do not change. 

Growing some rosemary is good because it has lots of health benefits, and you could add it to any dish you want. To help you start, know that rosemaries are sun-loving and need to have at least six hours of sun exposure per day. Additionally, they and would prefer to be planted in loamy soil for better growth and development. 


Thyme is a herb plant that has small leaves that grows on thin stems. It’s mixed with different kinds of dishes like roasted meat, fish, vegetables, and baking. It also adds more flavoring in marinating meat and in teas. Just like oregano, thymes also have a slightly minty flavor and a little bit of peppery taste. 

Compared to other herbs that smell refreshing, the scent of thyme smells spicier, pungent, and warming. They would appreciate being placed better in areas where there is heat and good water drainage in growing them. In this way, your thyme will already grow in just 14 to 28 days, and at a temperature, around 70 degrees is better if seeding starts indoors. 


If you have a garden full of herbs, you’re closer to creating a more flavorful dish. Herbs are essential in creating dishes with phenomenal taste and smell as well as in creating medicine. Also, their aroma is very soothing and relaxing. Thus, growing any kind of herb in your garden is worth it since it is also easy to grow. Some of the herbs you can start growing are listed above for your reference.

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