Caretron MCBs From IndoAsian

IndoAsian is India’s one of the most trusted brands when it comes to electrical devices. We have been efficient in safeguarding your happiness with our extensive range of products featuring stellar performances.

Crafted with quality components and improved technology, IndoAsian’s Caretron lives up to its name while ensuring shock-free living spaces. We now bring you premium-quality MCBs to ensure the safety of your homes and offices.

Let’s have a detailed view of the extensive range of Caretron MCBs from IndoAsian.

Introducing IndoAsian’s Caretron:

Caretron is built to provide a safe and protected environment to all our consumers. We bring you premium products specially designed to go with your fast-changing lifestyles and needs.

Caretron is our exclusive range of MCB that is exquisite in several features. It is our trusted range of products that excel in design, safety, reliability and style. We stand out from the rest with our quality components and top-notch technology, ensuring all-round protection. Caretron brings you MCBs that are sturdy enough to stand the test of time.

What are MCBs?

MCBs stands for Miniature Circuit Breakers. As the name suggests, MCB’s work is to break a circuit when an excessive current flows through it. They are electrical switches that operate automatically to protect a circuit from overloading and short-circuiting. MCBs are efficient in protecting against any damage to electrical circuits.

Uses of MCBs:

Ground fault poses fault in the electrical circuit, endangering its safety. MCBs are good for countering such ground faults. The faulty mechanism draws more current through the circuit. By magnetically tripping against this high current flow, an MCB helps to maintain its safety.

Industries dealing with heavy machinery may require a current as high as 30000A. In this situation, MCBs aid in ensuring the best possible electrical energy flow without jeopardising the machinery's safety.

Why buy Caretron MCBs?

To ensure the complete safety of your homes, always buy Caretron MCBs from IndoAsian. Get premium quality MCBs infused with the following features:

  1. Efficient mechanism:

The Caretron range of MCBS promises quality at affordable prices. Its simple designs and premium quality components ensure its durability.

  1. IP 20 protected terminals:

Caretron MCBs are deeply invested in ensuring safer environments. They are designed with the aim to keep the active and live parts away from others, to ensure shock-free homes.

  1. ISI/CE marking:

The ISI marking of Caretron MCBs guarantees that they have been through the quality tests to provide the ultimate safety.

  1. Bi-connect terminals:

Caretron MCBs are known for their flexible connections. You can either connect them with the busbar or with cables.

  1. Dual position clamp:

The dual-position clamp sits on the top of every Caretron MCB to ensure an easy installation. The clamp is extremely robust that can last for several years.

  1. Convenient terminal size:

The terminal sizes of our MCBs are uniquely designed for a convenient and flexible wiring structure. They are designed to hold cables tightly to avoid any loose connection.

Visit IndoAsian to shop from our extensive range of Caretron MCBs. Shop now!

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