5 Safety Hacks To Walk Alone Safely At Night

Walking alone can be terrifying to many, especially at night. One survey found that many individuals, particularly women, fear walking around their cities because of the possibility of sexual assault. Studies have shown that most sexual assaults ensue at or near the victim's home. Some incidents occur during a person's travels to and from work or school. Others during errands or while going out to shop.

That's why it's no surprise that going out alone can be scary. But there are some practices that a person can do to make their late-night walks safer.

Read this guide below for five helpful tips while walking alone at night. 

1. Check In With A Trusted Person

Always keep someone informed about your plans or whereabouts. That also means even if you're just walking out to buy takeout dinner. 

Some adults find it unnecessary, but it will come in handy when an unfortunate incident happens. For instance, when you don't check in on time, your loved ones could immediately send for help to ensure your safety. 

Fortunately, various mobile apps enable users to share their precise location even as they move. That means someone can keep track of you until you reach your destination. 

2. Always Plan Your Route

Preparing your route is best, especially when going to an unfamiliar area. Study street names and establishments on your path. Fortunately, tools like Google Maps provide users with accurate street views. That means you can visualize your walk and memorize every landmark in the area. 

Furthermore, knowing your route ahead of time prevents you from wandering. Looking lost attracts potential attackers. Planning will make you confident on the streets and make it seem like you belong in the area

3. Don't Be Too Trusting 

It's fun to meet new people at a social event. But keep in mind that these new people are still technically strangers. 

Decline if someone offers to accompany you on your walk back home. If someone insists, always maintain the same planned route. If the other person attempts to derail you from your path, don't follow. Maintain your direction until you reach home.

Additionally, never accept any rides or shared rides from anyone you have just met. A sexual assault lawyer or any safety expert would strongly advise everyone to refrain from doing so. 

It would also help to go home from a social event sober or rested so you're alert on the streets. Potential attackers could take their chance if they notice you under the influence. 

4. Mind Your Surroundings

Having a strong presence of mind is vital when walking alone at night. Stay off your phone, especially in areas with which you're unfamiliar. Focus and watch for any signs of people following you or obstructions along the way. 

Additionally, it's also a good idea to lay off the music while walking. Music may be an excellent way to energize your journey, but it keeps you disconnected from your environment. It might make you unaware of sounds like honking cars or suspicious footsteps behind you. 

5. Carry A Non-Lethal Deterrent

Bringing a deterrent is a smart idea to fend off any assault attempts while you walk. One of the simplest yet most effective non-violent deterrents is a whistle. Loud noises can draw attention and spook potential attackers from pursuing their plans. 

Additionally, flashlights help blind your attacker and expose them to authorities or any good samaritan nearby. 

You can also bring more harmful, non-lethal deterrents like a mace or pepper spray. They're practical and provide enough time for you to evade your attackers. 

The key is to always hold onto your deterrents, especially if you're in unfamiliar places. It will allow you to use them immediately instead of rummaging through your things in a panic. 

It would also help to learn basic self-defense to do some damage before evading an attacker. 

Protect Yourself Out There 

Going out at night is scary, but it shouldn't be. We should all be able to walk freely at night without fear of getting attacked at any corner. 

With proper safety practices and the latest technology, we can minimize the threats we could experience on the streets. 

No one should experience fear while walking alone at night.

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