The Different Types of Mobile Slot Machines Symbols Explained

Mobile slots are known for their convenience, accessibility and ease of play. In any mobile slot game, the symbols are an integral part as they are used to show what the final outcome of the game is. Also, different mobile slot symbols have different functions, such as triggering bonus rounds and substituting for other symbols. As such, it becomes important for players to have information about the various types of slot symbols and their working in detail.

So, here’s an article that offers insight into the different types of slot symbols you’ll come across when playing mobile slots online.

Standard symbols

These are basic mobile slot symbols that are inspired by the symbols used in classic slot machines of the 20th century. Unlike other slot machine symbols that we’ll explore shortly, standard symbols don’t carry any extra features with them. All they do is offer a payout if you manage to land a winning combination in the mobile slot game.

Several slot game providers design their standard symbols in a way that they go well with the theme. For instance, you can find horses and mountains as standard symbols in adventure-themed mobile slot games. However, many mobile slot games still use the classic card-based standard symbols – King, Queen, Jack and Ten – in their games. Also, it’s not uncommon to find fruit-based icons like oranges, bananas and strawberries in the form of standard mobile slot symbols.

Wild symbols

Just from their name, one can tell that there’s something special about these symbols. Well, wild symbols are a special kind of bonus reward that have the ability to provide players with increased chances of winning in mobile slots game. So, it’s no surprise that these symbols are highly preferred in the online slot gaming community.

Speaking about their working, wild symbols can act as a substitute for other symbols in mobile slot games. So, even if you lack a symbol or two to form a winning combination, wild symbols can help you grab a payout. These days, you can find several different types of wild symbols such as floating wild symbols, wild multiplier symbols and random wild symbols, depending on the mobile slot game you choose to play.

Multiplier symbols

Multiplier symbols aren’t as common as the other slot machine symbols and can be found in some selected mobile slot games. As their name implies, multiplier symbols increase the size of your final payout. While the exact multiplying number varies from one mobile slot game to another, it’s usually between 2x and 10x times in most slot games.

It’s worth noting that some mobile slots have wilds attached to multipliers. That way, you get to multiply your winnings if you manage to form a winning combination using the wild symbols. Also, the multipliers are combined and then applied to your final payout if you get more than one multiplier in the game.


Scatters are highly popular slot symbols that can be found in many modern-day mobile slots. Unlike other slot machine symbols, scatters don’t need to be a part of the payline. So, the scatter bonus feature – which usually offers extra free spin rounds – gets triggered when you get three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels.

Another great thing about scatters is that the payout increases in proportion to the number of scatter symbols landed. This means that the more scatters you get on the reels, the higher your winnings will be.


So, this was a short introduction to the different types of mobile slot symbols. While the working of these slot symbols is essentially the same in most mobile slots, their rewards and bonus features vary from one game to another. Hence, it’s important for you go through the game’s terms and conditions before playing it for real money online.

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