The Best Concealer in Your Budget


When it comes to a perfect makeup look, concealers are the ones that seal the deal. Concealer is one unique product that can elevate your makeup to the next level.

A concealer can mask any natural imperfections, including spots, blemishes, discolourations, scars and dark circles, leaving you with flawless looking skin.

Concealers come in various forms, depending on what you need. Examples are liquid, stick, crayon, cream, or cream-to-powder.

While concealer
may appear to be the magical solution to all of your beauty concerns, using it comes with challenges.

Concealers come in a variety of colours and hues. They range from the darkest to the lightest. Always remember to purchase a concealer that matches your skin tone. Too much can make your makeup look doughy, and the wrong colour can completely ruin your look.

It's vital to note that concealer does not level out skin tone. Most concealers are pretty muted and will show up immediately if used. The shade of concealer you choose should consider the tone of your foundation. Because your skin tone fluctuates slightly due to regular sun exposure, we recommend you have two concealer shades in your bag, lighter and darker.

Best Concealers in the Indian Market

There are so many options of brands and textures, which makes it confusing to choose one. So to make your job easier, here are some of the fantastic concealers in your budget that you can buy from Health and Glow.

1. Maybelline New York Fit Me Concealer

Maybelline New York Fit Me Concealers are oil-free concealers that blend in with skin tones for a more even appearance.

They effectively mask redness, imperfections, and blemishes without clinging to your skin. In addition, it has been dermatologically evaluated and is mild on your delicate skin.

These concealers are available in several hues like Honey, Caramel, Sand, Golden etc., to fit your unique skin tone.

2. Lakme Absolute Mattreal Mousse Concealer

The Lakme Absolute Mattreal Mousse Concealer is a creamy mousse concealer that effectively conceals flaws and blemishes. In addition, it has a matte finish that minimises the wrinkles, fine lines and pores on the skin.

It includes a brush that blurs blemishes, provides medium to high coverage, and allows precise application. 

It comes in six colours to suit different skin tones. It is the ideal tool for concealing faults and achieving a smooth and natural complexion.

3. L'Oreal Paris Infallible Full Wear Concealer

The multi-use formula of L'Oreal Paris Infallible Full Wear Concealer hides blemishes while also serving as a contour and highlighter. In addition, it has a long-lasting matte finish that is smooth and perfect.

The high pigment elastic composition provides the maximum full coverage while remaining completely lightweight.

It comes with an easy blend applicator that is simple to use and makes the application a joy.

4. Colorbar USA Full Cover Makeup Stick

Colorbar USA Full Cover Makeup Stick offers an incredibly creamy formula that moisturises your skin with Vitamin E, jojoba oil, and shea butter.

It's a concealer-cum-foundation with a seamless, matte finish that hides imperfections, evens out the complexion, and fixes dark circles without collapsing into fine lines. It also includes a broad spectrum SPF of 30 that protects against UV rays. It has been dermatologically evaluated and is suitable for all skin types.

Why Not Just Foundation?

If my foundation can do the job, some of you might think, why use a concealer? Concealer is thicker and conceals dark circles, age spots, blemishes, and other flaws by hiding pigments and blending them into the skin.

Although there is no set order, you will smudge most of it when applying foundation if you apply concealer first. As a result, you should always use concealer to keep it from smudging on top of your foundation.

How to Use Concealers?

Today, there are many different types of concealers available, each with its own set of features. Some concealers are thin and buildable, while others are thick and will take away all of your troubles. However, the most uncomplicated technique to achieve a flawless look is to apply a few dots and blend them with your fingers.

Concealers work well as a primer for both your lips and your eyelids. In addition, it functions as a base for a distinctive and smooth application, allowing you to work evenly.

Begin by dabbing a tiny amount on the tops of your eyes and thoroughly blending it. You can then begin applying your eyeshadow. Dark circles induced by a lack of sleep are one of the many issues that a person may face. You'll always have those eye bags beneath your eyes if you don't get enough sleep. So, if you want to make them go away from time to time, you can use concealers beneath your eyes to restore your eyes' brightness.

It can be challenging to find the perfect shade and texture for your skin. But all it needs is some insight into your skin tone and skin type and, of course, some experimenting on your side! It's a small item that fits your purse, yet it's versatile, and you can apply them practically anywhere.

Grab the best option for your skin. Kiss your flaws goodbye with the magic of these concealers and gear up for a stunning makeup look.

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