Highest Paying Keno Variants

Keno is a name that many people are familiar with. There is no doubt that it is one of the most exciting casino online no deposit games and in some cases, it is amongst the most profitable games too. Keno is a classic game of chance where no strategy or skill is needed – just pick your lucky numbers, sit back and watch the game unfold. Fantastic winnings can be achieved when playing Keno. The luckiest of players can become much richer by winning the jackpot!

Most people assume that there is only one version of Keno. However, casinos are known to be creative! There are several different versions that the players can choose from. This is your guide to the highest paying keno variants. 

Mini Keno

A traditional game of Keno involves numbers from 1 to 80. In Mini Keno, the numbers involved range from 1 to 40!

Mini Keno is a popular choice with beginners or those who prefer a “lighter” version of Keno. There is nothing different about the rules of this variant. Essentially, all the numbers in the game are halved. This includes the drawn numbers too, which are reduced from 20 to 10. The concept of the game is easy to grasp and the reduced numbers increase your chances of winning. Mini Keno is a fun variation to the classic game! 

Bonus Spot Keno 

In Keno, when your picked number matches with a number that is drawn, this outcome is called a “catch”. In Bonus Spot Keno, if you catch the first number that is drawn, your win will be multiplied! The value of the multiplier differs between casinos. An x5, x8 or x10 multipliers are common in Bonus Spot Keno games.

This variation uses 80 numbers, so you have a 1 in 80 chance to match the first number. This isn’t a very likely outcome but it is possible. What is more, Bonus Spot Keno games do not have extra charges and aren’t more expensive in any way, so there is no reason for you not to play Bonus Spot Keno! 

Power Keno 

Power Keno is a cousin of Bonus Spot Keno. The difference here is that the multiplier is always x4 in Power Keno and it is awarded when you catch the last number that is drawn instead of the first one.

The chance for this multiplied outcome is the same in both Power Keno and Bonus Spot Keno. Again, Power Keno doesn’t charge you extra for this opportunity which makes it one of the highest paying Keno variants!

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