Tips For Choosing Your First Quad Bike

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It is great news that you have decided to go off road and in order to be able to do that, you’re going to need the right kind of quad bike. This is a very popular pastime now and farmers have been using them for years to get them around the property quickly and easily. If this is all very new to you and now is the time to choose your first quad bike, then there are a lot of things for you to consider. 

The thought of driving around off road is a very exciting prospect but if you are a beginner, then you really do need to get used to the feel of a quad bike before you start to experience the more difficult things.

The following are just some other things that you need to consider when purchasing your first quad bike:

  • Easy To Control - The thing to remember before visiting your local quad supplier is that steering and controlling a quad is all about body position and weight distribution. If you are a beginner, you need to choose a quad bike that you can manage quite easily for your size. It should feel quite easy to control. For a young rider, it is always a good idea to choose a smaller bike. You also need to remember that most quad bikes are not designed to carry two people, so just ride by yourself for now.
  • The Right Tyres - What you choose is incredibly important because it will dictate the amount of control that you have of your quad and it is incredibly important for your safety as well. If it is your intention to ride on the roads as well as off-road, you need tyres that are suitable for both surfaces. Many people will go for universal tyres which can deal with most off-road path and there are also suitable for on road as well.
  • Engine Size - When buying quality quad bike for sale in the UK or even anywhere in the world, you need to pick something that you can handle; this will be dictated by your experience and also your requirements. For a seasoned quad bike rider, it would be difficult for them to pick larger engines but these are not ideal for a new inexperienced rider. If you stick to around 500 cc, then you will have a quad bike that is still quite awful but is a lot easier to handle on rough terrain.
  • Used Or New - The next thing that you have to decide now is whether or not you want to buy a used vehicle or a brand-new vehicle. It depends, among others, on your preference, how you intend to use the vehicle, and even how long or how dedicated you would be in this new hobby. Either choice would require you to make sure that you take a test drive every single time before you hand over your money.

Man Riding Black ATV on Dirt Road
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Remember the advice that you have been given above, particularly about engine size, because even though you think you might be able to handle a quarter of a larger engine and the other riders make it look easy, it is far from that and has taken many years of experience to be able to handle like they do.

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