Online Slot Games Events That Take Place Yearly

In the world of games and sports, annual events, otherwise called tournaments, are often organised to bring together lovers of the game (participators and spectators) for the general entertainment of all and sundry. Online slot websites have managed to replicate this using the net, as opposed to an arena or stadium, to bring together, annually, online gamers and gamblers across the globe for the sheer love and fun of games like Rainbow Riches mobile.

In whatever manner it has been organised, online slot games events are usually the height of fun in every gaming year.

How are Online Slot Games Events organised?

How online slot events are organised usually differs with the host website. However, here are basic guidelines on how online slot games events work:

·         A particular online slot game is chosen as the host for the event.

·      Participants are required to pay an entry fee, e.g. £5, to participate in the event.

·          The Operator presents the prize pool to be won by the players.

·       Each player receives a certain number of credits to play with, with the option to rebuy.

·       Then, the Operator sets a time limit to play the game. Here, you can play the game as much as you can till the expiration of that time.

·        The event is brought to an end at the expiration of the time set by the Operator.

·         The players with the highest earnings, usually top 10%, win a share of the prize pool and the highest earner wins the largest share of the prize pool.

What are the types of Online Slots Games Event?

The common manner in which online slots events are organised gives rise to 4 main types of online slots events, which are:

1. Free Entry Events: These are events whereby the entry fee for participation is free, and the rewards are usually extra bonuses and free spins. They are a go-to event for many because they are risk-free.

2. Buy-In Events: These are events whereby you have to purchase the buy-in fee to participate and compete for real money prizes. The bigger the entry fee, the bigger the prizes.

3. Survival Events: This type of events are in rounds, whereby the highest earners in each round progress to the next round till they get to the final round.

4. VIP Events: These are events whereby participation is restricted and based on exclusive invitation, especially for high rollers or loyal customers.

What online slot games events take place yearly?

Online slot games events are usually organised regularly; they could be daily, weekly, monthly or sometimes, yearly. The most common are daily events, while yearly slot events are not so common and are often tagged seasonal events because they are organised depending on the season of the year.

A few yearly events are:

·         Blood Suckers

·         Dracula

·         Haloween Jack

·         Raging Reindeer

·         Polar Paws

·         Rudolph Gone Wild

·         A Tale of Elves

·         Fat Fanta

·         Aloha! Christmas


Given the profit motive behind online slot events, it is understandable why yearly Online Slot Games Events are not as common as their counterparts. Most times, the yearly events are inspired by the season of the year. For example, Halloween, Christmas, etc. Nonetheless, they are equally packed with thrills, fun and high competition.

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