Must-Have Group Chat Plugin for Your Virtual Events

 Virtual events invest in different software and platforms to assist them with several engagement features. One of the most effective ones being used today is an event group chat like RumbleTalk. This platform is equipped with powerful engagement tools that connect the organizer to a wide range of audiences. 

You can make use of a video chat for product demos, virtual exhibition showrooms, and booths where participants can enter, polls, and q&a sessions to increase engagement. The opportunities are endless! 

“After the event, we received so many emails from attendees giving us rave reviews about the quality of our videos and the smoothness with which our group chat functioned. It was a great improvement to past solutions”, said Rachel Morrill, Web & Platform Lead from SolarWinds

Explore how you can maximize your RumbleTalk Group Chat with the following tools.

Increase engagement between organizers, attendees, and exhibitors

Face-to-face interaction can be simulated into the virtual world using videos and audio calls. Although we are not meeting personally in an event, using a group chat, participants can also enter the community, ask questions, and network.

Not only does it create instant connections, but a live group chat can also give them a sense of community where they can interact and have their questions answered. This is as if they’re talking to real people. If executed properly, group chats are a great way to capture your audiences’ attention and get your revenues soaring high quickly.

Drive traffic to your virtual event

A group chat on an event page is more attractive than just plain posters and call-to-actions. Having this tool will increase attendee count and engagement, making them more likely to stay in exhibitors’ showrooms. When participants see the number of virtual showrooms, they might get overwhelmed. However, if they see a group chat, they are more likely to interact with exhibitors and other participants who share the same interests. 

Open up networking opportunities and gather leads

When you have a chat for events plugin that’s readily accessible to your visitors, networking opportunities will just come organically. With multiple virtual booths, every participant has the ability to visit multiple online booths simultaneously, something that can’t be done in a face-to-face setting. With these, exhibitors can expect more foot traffic and opportunity to close deals.

In open communities, public discussions, and podcasts, they commonly use a group chat. RumbleTalk is customizable and flexible. So, it’s up to you what kind of chat you would use for your virtual event.

You can export the user’s list so you can get the participants’ contact information. If they filled this out at the start, it will be easier for the exhibitors to contact them. If the participants logged in via social media, they can also reach out to them on those channels.

Advanced moderation for virtual events

If you need more control over your event group chat, change your chat type to Moderated Chat. The moderated chat lets you pre-approve messages before they are sent in the chat room for the public to see. This chat type lets you assign an admin that acts as moderators. They will be the ones to choose which messages are appropriate for the discussion.


This is significantly helpful for big events with thousands of live chatters like conferences and job fairs.

The more interactive tools that you have on your virtual event, the more impactful it will be. By incorporating a group chat, the audience will leave your event feeling satisfied.

There are other features available on RumbleTalk if you use it as your group chat platform such as InTEXT keywords, full CSS capabilities, media sharing, etc. 


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