Pornography Addiction: 15 Best Possible Ways to Fight


When you can't stop watching porn, even if you want to, that's Porn Addiction. And the obsession of porn gets to the point that it interferes with work and other aspects of daily life. It's easy to see how porn could be an addiction with the wide availability of the Internet. Pornography and sexual addictions are increasingly common among young people. However, it's important to note that not all people who watch porn will develop an addiction. Unfortunately, however, some will become addicted, and this can be as harmful as any other addiction.

About 25% of internet search queries, or 68 million searches per day, are porn-related, and 35% of all internet downloads are pornography-related. And about a third of porn viewers are women.

Whether porn is addictive or not, those who use pornography on a daily basis have enormous cravings for sex. They turn to porn when they are anxious. They also tend to have difficulty at work and at home.  However, definitions of excess pornography vary. But most experts agree that if it interferes with your daily activities, you might be watching too much. For example, if:

  • You stop doing things you really love to see more.
  • You neglect personal care.
  • You lose interest in other activities.
  • You become less interested in social gatherings.
  • Harming your relationships.
  • Abandoning other responsibilities.
  • Affects your work or studies.
  • You want more.

15 Best Possible Ways to Fight with Pornography Addiction

Compulsive porn use of the Internet can interfere with your daily life, making you feel ashamed of yourself. If you notice that pornography is having a negative impact on your life, but you are having a hard time eliminating it, you may need to do more to keep your problem under control. By replacing your negative behaviors with positive ones, you can overcome this habit. 


1. Understanding Healthy Sexuality


The very initial step in fighting porn addiction is to recognize what healthy sexuality is. For those with a beneficial outlook, their sexual expression is positive and rewarding as they give and receive while enjoying pleasure. Hence this type of sexuality benefits the individual emotionally and spiritually as well as physically. At the same time, unhealthy sexuality involves feeling ashamed of sexual thoughts, a feeling that one's sexual energy is out of control to exploit others by force in an unmanageable way. Porn addicts have this sexual outlook because they use pornography to feel wanted and powerful.

2. Recognizing the Signs of Pornography Addiction

Common signs of pornography addiction include increased social isolation, defensiveness or guilt over pornography use, loss of control, obsessive thoughts about pornography, and tension in your relationship and intimacy with your partner.  Nevertheless, you should block porn on your device if you see any signs of porn addiction.

3. Combat underlying problems

Most people use excessive Internet and porn as a way to calm down. Stress, depression, and anxiety can be underlying issues leading to pornography addiction. You may have had drug or alcohol problems in the past. Excessive internet use and pornography can be numbing the same way drugs have helped you cope. Therefore consider ways to cope with depression, anxiety and get rid of such addiction.

4. Install a good filter or accountability program

Throughout this journey, you have to gain self-control from abusive images everywhere, and that doesn't mean you can't give yourself a break from all these. Download an accountability filter or program like Covenant Eyes on every device you use, and don't forget to perform security checks on your TV as well. And these will avoid the ways of watching porn, as well as find ways to focus on more important things.

5. Take media seriously

Don't think movies that focus on sexual situations are harmless. Although they are not considered "porn", they are harmful. If you are struggling with porn, these types of entertainment will only make your struggle harder.

6. Set boundaries with your mobile device

Today our smartphones and tablets are more of a gateway to pornography than a desktop computer. The same online responsibility applies to your mobile device. Therefore set limits and use the software to monitor all online activity.

7. Deal with loneliness

Mostly loneliness can also lead people to abuse pornography. If you isolate yourself from others, try to make an effort to meet people and interact with them. Don't forget to focus on building your relationships so that you have healthy and fulfilling relationships with those around you so that you are not always alone. You can learn to make friends.

8. Strengthen your support network

Always spend more time with your family or plan to strengthen friendships. Have friends who can help you manage your internet and pornography habits and encourage you when you quit. Find friends you trust and discuss your problem with them, and ask them for help.

9. Overcome Trauma

Usually, Trauma is a source of addiction problems. If you've experienced sexual or physical Trauma, you're more likely to develop an unhealthy relationship with porn. If this is your case, then you should see a mental health professional so you can work on overcoming your Trauma. Seek the advice of a therapist from your doctor. Sometimes acknowledging your Trauma and talking about it with friends and family can help you come to terms with those feelings and begin to adopt healthier behaviors.

10. Use the computer in a public location

Looking porn in public places is generally looked down upon. So use it to your advantage and decide to protect yourself from temptation by only using your computer in public places. When using the Internet, use it only in places where other people can see you. Going to a cafe or library, or set up the computer in the living room, not the bedroom, can be helpful. The objective is to avoid total confidentiality in order to reduce the urge to consume porn.

11. Cultivate a better environment

Sometimes your surroundings can be what leads you to an unhealthy relationship with pornography. Avoid friends who encourage you to use porn all the time, and clean your computer if it's full of easily accessible browser ads or pop-ups that tempt you.

12. Get a CSAT therapist

For those who want professional help breaking the habit, consider the growing number of trusted therapists who are helping patients overcome these challenges. Don't be confused with CSAT (Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist); they are certified professionals who recognize the reality of sex addiction, including pornography. 

13. Understand you’re not alone

The first step in fighting out of a habit is to get out of a shameful state of mind. Watching porn is one thing that people don't often talk about but can be a lot of shame. One step towards breaking out of mentality is realizing that you are not alone in your decision to quit. Listening to the stories of other people who have lived through who you are can be a strong reminder that you are not alone in the struggle. It doesn't hurt that they are famous and also successful people who share these challenges.

14. Check out specialized resources

There are also many resources available to help you with this pornography addiction. There are many websites and programs dedicated to combating internet addiction and pornography, although they have varying levels of credibility. There are also a few different addiction organizations, in the style of Alcoholics Anonymous, that deal with sexual and pornographic addictions. If nothing has left, the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health can be of great help.

15. Do something enjoyable

The easiest way is filling the void that was occupied by your porn habit with a new hobby. Try to learn something new in your spare time. Also, create your schedule for each day as soon as you get up and try to fill each hour with some type of activity. That will keep you busy. Some healthy habits which you can develop include exercising, painting, and so on. Do whatever you find pleasurable and fulfilling, and it will make your life a healthy one away from screen devices.

Final Words

Excessive viewing of pornography can cause serious problems whether or not it is addictive. While there is disagreement over what causes porn addiction, treatment usually involves treating an underlying problem, which could be related to mental health. For some people, adopting basic lifestyle changes can help. Receiving care from a sex therapist who identifies underlying issues and offers multiple treatment strategies can help you improve relationships.

Hoping that these tips on how to fight pornography addiction will give you the boost you need to get rid of the habit once and for all. When creating new habits to replace the porn habit you used to have, don't forget to reward yourself once you've reached your goal.

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