Fun Facts about Dunkin’ Donuts

When you do some reading on Dunkin’ Donuts, most of the time you stumble upon some useful information.

Take the info regarding the Box of Joe:

·        The cost of a Box of Joe is between $15.99 and $17.38, on average.

·        Each box comes with about 96 ounces of coffee. That’s enough for 10 to 12 small cups of coffee for a group.

·        You can go with the regular house coffee (“The Daily), or the decaf version (Nightcap”).

·        The box has natural insulation that keeps the coffee hot for about 3 hours.

·        Each box also comes with the cups, along with all the fixings.

As you may have realized, these facts are useful when you’re wondering about getting coffee for a large group. If you have a club that runs in the morning, then you and your buddies can get the Box of Joe every day. The same goes if your office team is leaving the workplace for the day, and you plan on going for some coffee to wind down.

But some facts are just plain trivial. Why should you know these useless facts? Well, they may not be of much use, but they’re fun, nonetheless. Like the coffee and donuts that you can get from Dunkin’, they can brighten up your day!

The Name Changes

Here are some facts that may or may not have learned about, yet.

·        Actually, the brand is just Dunkin’ now, instead of the usual Dunkin’ Donuts. They officially rebranded in 2018, and the changes were apparent by 2019.

·        The name change was to emphasize that they don’t just serve donuts here. With the new name, they want it more known as an all-day hangout.

·        Actually, when the chain first started in 1948, it was known as Open Kettle.

·        The name changed to Dunkin’ Donuts in 1950.

·        It wasn’t even a marketing executive who came out with that name. It was an architect, of all people.

Where Can You Find a Dunkin’?

·        If you’re in NYC, you’re in luck. Dunkin’ has the greatest number of locations here ahead of any other fast food chain brand. They had 612 Dunkin’ stores as of 2017, before the Covid mess.

·        You can actually find about 12,900 Dunkin’ stores worldwide, spread over 42 countries.

·        Dunkin did announce the closure of about 800 stores (making the worldwide total to 12,100 stores) at the end of 2020.

Special Donuts in Other Countries

When you’re finally able to travel the world again, you may find that each country that has a Dunkin’ store may also have a special donut that you can’t find in any other country. Here are some examples.

·        China, Pork Floss Donut. It comes with vanilla frosting, and a topping of shredded pork.

·        United Arab Emirates, Jam & Cream Donut. This was part of the premium line of donuts. The yeast shell is split in half, and the space filled with buttercream and strawberry jelly.

·        UK and Some Parts of Europe, Rocky Road Donut. It comes with chocolate filling and chocolate icing, with mini-marshmallows and biscuit crumbs for toppings.

·        South Korea, Red Bean Donut. This is a glazed ring donut, with red bean paste filling inside the ring.

·        Chile, Boston Manjar. This is a version of the classic Boston Kreme. It comes with chocolate frosting on top. The filling is manjar, which is like the dulce de leche.

·        Some Parts of Asia, Mochi Ring Donut. The mochi used to make the donut is actually glutinous rice. There are several different flavors available, such as mango, chocolate, banana, and green tea.

Coffee Facts

·        The coffee is always fresh, since they brew a fresh pot every 18 minutes.

·        The coffee is always good, since they have quality control testing experts who taste about 200 cups of coffee a day to make sure of it.

·        Dunkin sells about 2 billion cups of coffee a day around the world.

·        The majority of Dunkin’ sales (60%) actually come from the beverages. This also helps explain the name change.

·        There are about 15,000 different ways you can order your coffee (hot or iced, size options, and the use of different add-ons).

·        In the old days, a single cup of coffee here cost only 10 cents.

Munchkin Facts

·        The Munchkins started out in 1972, to make use of the holes cut out from the donuts by hand.

·        They were named after the characters in the movie The Wizard of Oz, and they were marketed towards the kids.

·        Today, Dunkin’ equipment makes the donut rings and the donut holes separately.

·        You can’t really buy a sole Munchkin. You have to get at least 4 of them!

If you find any of the facts here helpful at all, then good for you! 

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