Why Do You Need Body Wash?


Are you satisfied with your bar soap? Does it deep cleanse your skin and deliver a moisture coat post showers? If not, then consider shifting to the ultimate body cleansing offered by fragrant rich body washes. To get the best body wash for men follow the prescribed skincare tips to know when you actually need them. Body washes and shower gels are almost similar. If you want to distinguish between them then look for their consistency. Body washes are thicker and shower gels are thinner in consistency. Apart from this there is no such big difference between these.

Body washes contain- water, betaines, sodium laureth sulfate aka SLS. The sulfate compounds in them are top notch cleansing agents. They are harsh on germs and sebum deposits over your skin. The skin pores are rendered clean from the dirt dissolving action of these chemicals. You can find these ingredients in handmade soap bars as well, if you prefer that. It provides you with a holistic approach to cleansing and moisturization of your skin. Body washes are the all rounders in the arena of skin cleansing products range.

Good Grooming with Body washes

Smell good and feel good with soothing showers using the body washes. Men after this need to worry less over body odour and soggy skin texture. Here are some benefits and varieties of body washes for men to consider seriously, for a glowing and healthy skin texture. Good grooming comes at the cost of good care!

  1. For the oily skin types amongst men it is recommended to use body washes. Especially on workout days, after going through strenuous sweaty training, body washes become your perfect shower companions.

  2. The best body wash for men foams beautifully and lather up well. This is a good sign to promote lather and imparts a heavenly nature to your showers. Drift in the cloud of foam and come out clean!

  3. Cologne, neem, lavender, apple cider vinegar, tulsi, hibiscus, black tea, sandalwood, mint and eucalyptus scents are very appealing in nature, blended with the formula of body washes meant for men. Choose your pick from these.

  4. If you need more moisturization then go for body washes that include the nourishing goodness of essential oils and butters. Coconut oil, almond oil and Shea butter are some of the best moisturization agents you can find in body washes for men.

  5. For that tangy aroma there is a full range for citrus based body washes to choose from. Orange, peaches and lemon are the fruit based ingredients in this genre. Their freshness is just marvelous. This was about the organic or natural body washes for men.

  6. Cleansing the sensitive skin types requires you to choose the body wash after reading the label carefully in the products. Acne prone skin types need antibacterial action along with the pampering of moisturizing, anti-inflammatory properties.

  7. Organic and non toxic elements in the body washes for the sensitive skin types are the best deals in this category.

The body washes should not be confused with liquid soaps to cleanse your hands. There are body washes that claim to be of multipurpose: you can use them to wash your hands frequently. This is true for certain body washes only. The others leave a sticky layer which is actually meant for your body skin, post washing your hands. This is the layer of moisture to seal your body skin after proper lather. Two in one body washes have just expanded your range of using them for both body cleansing and hand washing.

Their antibacterial resistance through its shielding formula prevents the germ build up on the sweat and oil secretion from the skin pores. The sweat glands work more excessively in men than in women. That is why daily or regular showers are essential for maintenance of personal hygiene. Pick from the vast variety of interesting colours, scents and protective essences. Go for your favourite fragrances in the body washes formulated with special reference to men, their skin and their needs.


Having a hard day at work? Tired of all the stress and busy schedules? Coming home and resting is not enough. You need a soothing shower accompanied with the foaming aroma of the body washes. Men who deny themselves of the goodness of these body washes can easily get one for their body. Some can even be the best hand washes along with the skin cleansing properties.  Skin care through cleansing has never been this easy with the body washes for men. It kills the disease causing microbes and viruses transmitted through contacts.

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