How to Stock the Perfect Bar for Entertaining

Bar for Entertaining

Going out for fancy cocktails is fun, but the bills from your good time can quickly add up. Thankfully, it isn’t too difficult to build your own outstanding bar at home so you can have fun and entertain any day of the week. You don’t have to have to buy out the entire liquor store to make great drinks. By stocking a few base items, you’ll be prepared to drink popular cocktails like a pornstar martini in your own living room. Here are a few tips on creating the perfect home bar.

Pick a Location

Before you start buying liquor and highball glasses, you might want to look at designating a piece of furniture for your bar. Bar carts, often placed in the living room or dining room, are a popular choice. Depending on your space, you can also get creative and use a dresser, armoire, or console table. If you’re looking to start small, placing a tray on top of an existing piece of furniture is an excellent place to start. 

Select Your Tools

In addition to liquor, you’ll need some essential tools to make ideal handcrafted cocktails. At the top of the list is a shaker, and these are typically pretty affordable. A good shaker will help you mix and strain your drink, so you get that smooth, professional finish. If your shaker doesn’t come with a strainer, you’ll want to grab one of those separately. For drinks that need to be stirred, you may want to invest in a mixing glass. 

Next, you’ll want to grab a bar spoon. Bar spoons have a long handle that pairs nicely with your mixing glass. For measuring, you’ll need a jigger to make sure you’re adding the right amount of liquor and other ingredients to your glass. If you don’t want to pick up all of these ingredients individually, you can look at bar sets that make getting started a little bit easier. 

Get the Right Glasses

As mentioned above, you may want to purchase some highball glasses. In addition, you might want to grab some rocks glasses, which make imbibing that much more fun. Rocks glasses are especially popular for drinking whiskey. 

Two other great glasses to have on hand are coupe glasses or v-shaped martini glasses. Coupe glasses are the more fashionable pick and easier to drink out of than v-shaped martini glasses. You are more likely to see them at trendy cocktail bars these days. 

Stock the Liquor

You’re almost ready to start making drinks, but first, you have to stock up on the most crucial ingredient: the liquor. Starting with a great vodka like Absolut is arguably the essential liquor to have on hand. Then, you’ll want to grab a bottle of dry gin for martinis and gin and tonics. Whiskey drinkers can be pickier about the type of whiskey they drink, as they all have different characteristics. Bourbon, rye, scotch, and Irish whiskey are all good choices, but bourbon may be the most versatile for mixed drinks. If you love making margaritas, silver tequila is another essential. Lastly, if you love tropical drinks or spicy cocktails, you’ll need to get some rum. Depending on the drinks you like to make, you may want both a light rum and a darker, spiced rum. 

With Commercial Property Insurance Coverage the tools above, you are ready to start making great drinks at home. Depending on the types of drinks you want to make, you can pick up most other items you need, like juices, mixes, or coconut cream, on your grocery run. You may love your home bar so much you’ll wonder why you didn’t set it up sooner.

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