7 easy ways to protect your vinyl plank flooring


There are many advantages to vinyl flooring, including that it is appealing, durable, and convenient. You cannot go wrong with its colors, textures, and many looks. So, many people are choosing vinyl plank flooring over other natural flooring choices. Also, you can give a luxury touch to your home with LVP (luxury vinyl planks). 


In addition to beauty, its comfort and durability are some of the top reasons to choose it. But, like any other flooring, you need to care for, maintain, and protect your vinyl floors. Many people assume that heavy furniture is not suitable for vinyl floor planks. Well, that is not entirely true. Different kinds of care are essential in varied areas.


If you wish to maintain the looks of vinyl floors, do some simple steps. For lousy people, it may be tricky to keep the floor clean and protected. So, here are some simple ways to protect your vinyl flooring:


  1. Sweep or vacuum your floors
  2. Remove the wet content on time
  3. Protect from direct sunlight
  4. Avoid using any harsh cleaners
  5. Avoid using rubber mats
  6. Do not drag the furniture very often
  7. Use doormats on vinyl plank flooring 

1.     Sweep or vacuum your floors:

Whether you have a busy home or not, sweep or vacuum your vinyl floor planks to make them last longer. Remove extra dirt, dust, pet dander, and other stuff regularly. In addition to it, clean the sticky material or food chunks from it. Also, use lighter tools to scrape off the sticky things from the surface. In this way, you can protect the floor from damaging and losing its lush look.

2.     Remove the wet content on time:

Although vinyl floor planks are 100% water-resistant, excess water is not suitable in any case. That is why it is much better to keep the floors dry as much as possible. So, if the water content gets into the layers or sub-layers, it will damage the underlying. In this case, do not let the water stay on the floor for much longer. Also, dry or keep the fan running after using water.

3.     Protect from direct sunlight:

It is vital to protect your vinyl flooring from sun exposure as it ruins the life of your floor surface. The reason is that direct sunlight can fade the texture and color of your flooring. So, use shades or curtains to keep the sun rays away from getting inside. As a result, it may last longer than expected. 

4.     Avoid using any harsh cleaners:

No doubt, cleaners are vital to remove tough stains and spills. But, using local or harsh cleaning agents can ruin its texture and upper layer. That is why it is best to avoid using any abrasive or harsh cleaners for vinyl floors. Another way is to consult Columbus flooring city while installing the floor planks. They will provide you with expert advice on its cleaning tips. Also, try to find cleaners that work well for this type of flooring.

5.     Avoid using rubber mats:

Using rugs or doormats can protect your vinyl flooring from any external damage. But, use natural weave doormats or area rugs to keep extra dust and dirt away from getting into your room. In particular, do not use rubber mats or waxy stuff on them. Also, latex or rubber can damage its surface. In case the wax melts, it will give long-term stains to the vinyl floors. So, better choose the doormats wisely.  

6.     Do not drag the furniture very often:

Well, many people think that putting heavy furniture can damage vinyl flooring. However, that is not the real issue. The thing is that when you drag heavy sofa sets or couches, it leaves permanent dents on the surface. In addition, it leaves scratch marks on the floor planks. In this case, using furniture pads is best. Also, do not drag furniture on the floors very often.

7.     Use doormats on vinyl plank flooring:

Many homeowners love to have vinyl floor planks from vinyl plank flooring store in their doorways. No doubt, it looks pretty for an entryway, but you have to keep the outside dirt and other sticky things away from it. In this case, use doormats in the doorways. But, make sure that they are rubber and wax-free. It is simple but effective for its maintenance.


Yes, vinyl plank flooring is an excellent choice for many areas of your home. But, it requires care and protection like every other floor. This post contains some of the easiest ways to do the task. First of all, sweep and vacuum for daily cleaning. Also, do not let the water stand on the vinyl floors. Some dos and don’ts can protect your floor from fading and external damages. Make these tips a part of your routine care. And go to Columbus flooring city for high-quality vinyl planks.  

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