How to clean bathroom vanities effectively?

Indeed, to maintain the bathroom in its perfect shape is to clean it.  No question at all whether you are living in a traditional or modern home. Bathroom vanities are essential. To maintain the tip-top of your bathroom vanity, the only way is its cleaning. However, the cleaning process should not be too harsh. It should be smooth and easy. Keep in mind, cleaning the vanities regularly will save you a lot of time and energy.

 Cleaning the bathroom vanities

For cleaning the bathroom vanities, you can follow the following cleaning strategies.

Daily cleaning

Of course, you visit the bathroom daily. It is probably the first thing you do after you open your eyes, however, after your makeup or the beauty routine. Spare some time. For example, place everything back in place.  Well, put the toothbrush back in the brush cup, beauty products in drawers, and hairbrush in the rack. No doubt, countertops look adorable when they are clean. Messy countertops are simply disgusting. Therefore, you have to wipe them out. Indeed, this seems so simple. But this daily routine is worth adopting.

Perhaps, you can buy all kinds of cleaning tools at the grocery store—no matter when the color you have, you can find relevant products. Most probably, all the products claim to be safe. Well, they can charge you a lot. Don't get fooled, rather than investing a lot in the products. Prepare a DIY solution. To prepare a homemade solution, you need a few things. For example, vinegar, water, and liquid soap.  No doubt this is not so costly. But it is too compelling.  Don’t apply abrasive solutions. Instead, use mild ones. They will not harm the beauty.

Stepwise cleaning

        Clear the whole area

        Check the cleaner label




1)    Clear the whole area

As evident by the word, first of all, clean the whole area. For instance, remove all the brushes. There should be no toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, soap, or shampoo. Well, you can place it on the countertop.  However, to properly clean the area, keep everything out in the room. Ensure there are no toothpaste stains, etc.; well, any spot under the sink can ruin the effort.

2)    Check the cleaner label.

This is a crucial step. Read the cleaner before applying it to the vanity.  Apply the cleaner carefully on the surface.  Keep in mind all vanities vary in material—for example, laminate, wood, ceramic, and tiles. Also, read the labels. Make sure you are applying the right cleaner. Always find the most appropriate choice. Remember, any wrong choice can affect vanity. For example, abrasive chemicals can cause stains and scratches. However, finding the right cleaning equipment can make the process easy and feasible.

3)    Pre-cleaning

Well, to some people, this process seems unnecessary.  Also, it is a time taking approach. Wiping down the surface may save time as well as energy.  Find the area that needs the most work. For example, remove all the loose powder, hairs residues, and other particles.  This will help you in identifying the dirty areas. And this process also helps in finding out the places that need harsh scrubbing.

4)    Scrubbing

The kitchen design gallery recommends that for applying the bathroom cleaner, always take a clean cloth or sponge. However, it would help if you scrubbed to remove stains, spots, and toothpaste residues. While applying the cleaner, make sure there is proper ventilation. All the windows are supposed to be open. Moreover, wear gloves and other personal protective equipment to ensure personal safety. 

5)    Rinsing

Now, thoroughly rinse the vanity surface.  Find the cleaning cloth as well as the sponge to clean the process. However, wear the new material. Now rinse the area that you have scrubbed previously. For this purpose, use enough water. This will remove all the extra soap or cleaning agents.  Before placing the items back, make sure it is dry. If you put the things in the wet vanity, they will get damaged.


It is a familiar maxim that an ounce of prevention is always better than worth pounds of cure. Well, in addition, to keep the vanities clean. Make it a part of your daily habit.  Always plan. Make sure you are placing the vanity in the right place.  Indeed, it is essential.


By now, hopefully, you have a clear concept about cleaning bathroom vanities.  However, most of the vanity providers claim extraordinary quality. They ensure excellent finishes, proper sealing, and good resistance.  However, just like other furniture elements, vanities can also go for a long time. But it mainly depends on the care. Also, they are not easily affected by a small amount of humidity and heat. If they are exposed to moisture for a long time, they will be worn out soon.

For this reason, never leave the spots and stains to stay on the vanity over an extended time. Last but not least, your vanity looks matter a lot. So, clean them regularly.

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