Most popular granite countertops colors of 2021

 These colors will remain to rule design trends in 2021. Granite has been a popular countertop choice for kitchens and baths since the 1980s, when a designer renovated a kitchen with granite.

This natural stone remains marble in terms of durability. It's more dense and porous. Did we consider how resistant it is to stains and etching? In addition, granite is low-maintenance and easy to clean, making it perfect for high-traffic areas like standard kitchens. At Badger granite, we have various stone varieties to fill every decor taste and inner style.


There are classic and modern patterns available and stone types that seem like marble of severe followers. However, granite selection is the place to go if you're looking for the most beautiful granite hues at unbeatable rates.


Table of contents:

  1. White granite countertops
  2. White granite from Andromeda:
  3. Colonial white granite
  4. White granite from Alaska
  5. Black granite kitchen countertops
  6. Nordic black granite
  7. Granite desert dream
  8. Galaxy black granite
  9. Kitchen countertops in blue granite
  10. Amadeus granite
  11. Blue pearl granite
  12. Granite in brass blue
  13. Colors of gold granite
  14. Almond gold granite
  15. Picasso granite
  16. Namibian gold granite
  17. Brown granite countertops colors
  18. Coffee brown granite


1.   White granite countertops:

Kitchen countertops made of white granite exude refinement and beauty. They have the most color balance and look great on top of nearly any kitchen cabinet color. While "pure" white slabs are hard to find, their bits and uneven patterns add to their distinct personality.

2.   White granite from Andromeda:

Andromeda white granite offers a slight variance from pure white surfaces, giving it an ultra-modern aesthetic. Gray veins, tiny streaks, and black grain run through this speckled white and beige stone. It's naturally dynamic and works well in both traditional and modern kitchens.

3.   Colonial white granite:

Brown and rose-colored flakes abound in this off-white granite, which is flecked with smoky grey areas and heavy black speckles. Many people have linked its markings to cookies and cream ice cream designs. The patterning is delicate and consistent because the grains in Colonial white granite are generally less than 0.5 millimeters in diameter.

4.   White granite from Alaska:

Alaska white granite is the most stunning of the three white granite types because it contains more onyx than colonial and andromeda white granite. So, 40-50 percent of the stone's mass holds grey patches of varied hues and sizes.

5.   Black granite kitchen countertops:

In every kitchen, black adds a bold and moving accent. Compared to regular, all-white, granite countertops in Wisconsin with specks of gold or white veins are truly eye-catching. Here are some of our most popular black granite countertops, ranging from blue Nordic black granite to gleaming black galaxy granite that seems like it's looking up at the stars.

6.   Nordic black granite:

Nordic black granite is a dense stone with a large ore structure highlighting light from the giant crystals immediately beneath the surface. It has metallic-colored grains and white veins that are firmly interlocked and never fail to move. As a result, it's solid and long-lasting, and it looks great whether it's on top of bright or dark cabinets.

7.   Granite desert dream:

Desert Dream is a gift granite stone that exudes richness, despite its higher price tag. It is one of the most fashionable granite stones accessible due to its excellent blend of black, grey, cream, burnt orange, and gold patterning. It transforms kitchens and baths into designer areas with durability and beauty when joined with gold or copper finishes.

8.   Galaxy black granite:

Because of its resilience and beauty, black galaxy granite is a newer stone that has acquired appeal in the past 40 years or more by 

Granite countertop suppliers. When exposed to light, the copper, gold, and white bits in bronzite sparkle brilliantly.

9.   Kitchen countertops in blue granite:

Blue granite kitchen worktops bring a feeling of calm to outdoor spaces.

Likewise, their swirling patterns, often compared to ocean waves, generate effective action on kitchen surfaces and calm baths. So, their color depth and designs range from highly full blues and strong veins to softer and more muted tones, depending on the look you're striving for.

10.              Amadeus granite:

Amadeus is a medium-grained granite stone ruled by black and grey with striking dark red and green colors. It's great for people who want darker marks on their kitchen counters. Its new veining swirls and flows over its surface like sweet music, creating a thick design that nearly looks like moving water.

11.              Blue pearl granite:

Blue pearl granite's unique patterns resemble tiny brush strokes. Duck-egg blue blotches dominate the backdrop, which ranges from dark grey to black. So, the crystals in this coarse-grained granite reflect light, creating an ethereal, beautiful shape that resembles mother-of-pearl.

12.              Granite in brass blue:

Brass blue granite looks like an overhead picture of enormous sea surges when viewed from afar. It features dark ground with white spots and grey and black curls. So, it's a medium-variation granite stone with a deep, beautiful design created by various-sized blue veins flowing across its surface, indicated by rough pieces.

13.              Colors of gold granite:

This season, statement gold home decorations and accessories are trendy. In addition, gold granite hues go well with white and more pensive kitchens, notably black and dark green kitchen cabinets. So, warmer tones, including cream, yellow, brown, and other colors, are constant in most gold granite shades, making it a popular choice for people who prefer them.

14.              Almond gold granite:

Amber colors are enhanced by rich nut-brown and umber tones in this stone. Some people even look at green tinges in its pleasant light. Rather than veins and waves, it has a "chunk" impression throughout. So, wooden worktops, warm interiors, and more classic design aesthetics go nicely with almond gold.

15.              Picasso granite:

Picasso granite, sometimes known as "crazy horse," can give any kitchen or bathroom countertop, fireplace, or even flooring a new lease on life. So, Picasso granite also improves a variety of materials, including natural and manufactured surfaces.

16.              Namibian gold granite:

This granite, which is the hue of glistening desert sand, combines cold whites and greys with warm creams and golds. So, this beautiful natural stone brings rich sand colors inside when used in the proper area.

17.              Brown granite countertops colors:

These granite countertops are available in various rich blends and natural tints that give soothing, earthy tones. So, brown granite stone comes in a wide range of colors, from deep chocolate to coffee, with brown often thinking for more than half of the vital hue. So, lighter stone films catch the light, giving a sparkle to this rich stone ideal for urban and rural settings.

18.              Coffee brown granite:

It has a minor variation, which means that its guides are relatively constant. So, this subtle stone is less harsh than black and will provide warmth and beauty to any setting.


Your kitchen cabinetry color can often affect the hue of your most durable kitchen countertops. The above are a few examples of complementary color schemes provided by granite countertop suppliers. So, red color tones may be seen in cherry or walnut kitchen cabinets. The equal colors for your kitchen countertop are blue, grey, green, and sage if you have this color tone.

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