Unique Wall Decor Ideas to Give Your Space a new look

Everyone loves to give their room decor, but it is the budget that comes in the way. But there are ways by which you have to spare a few hundred bucks to give your room a new look. Decorating your room isn't about buying things for your room but managing the existing stuff to give it a revamped look! The article will discuss some unique wall décor ideas that will help you achieve a new look for your space. You can use Dealvoucherz to get offers on things you want to buy for the décor!

·         Make a gallery – The easiest and the most feasible way to give your space a new look is by making a gallery on the wall. Instead of putting the frame stand by your bed, put the frames on the wall. There are plenty of frames that you can buy online and use for the gallery. The pictures will take you down memory lane and add a different light to your room. So collect some of your best memories, put them in frames and hang them on the wall.

·         Make shelves – Are you a book lover? Or you love to arrange everything according to size and order? Well, then shelves help you to get that precision. Instead of creating a whole rack for shelves, put up some wooden planks on the wall. The wooden planks, when appropriately placed, act as a shelf. Thus allowing you to store your storybooks/files/folders and keep your table clean.

·         Put up a mirror – "Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all"; no, you don't have to stand and ask that. But if you've a small space, then putting up a well ornamented/designed mirror helps change the room's look. Since mirrors are known for their reflecting quality, they will also help you brighten up the room. You can either put up a large mirror or several small ones to create an illusion! With the help of Indiancoupons, you can buy discounted mirrors too.

·         Mount your TV – Keeping the TV in the cabinet is the practice that we have seen/followed through the ages. But if you are looking for means to give your space a new look, try mounting the TV up! The mounted Led screened TV fills up the dull wall and saves a lot of table space.

·         Store on the wall – Instead of bringing in cabinets to increase your storage space, try to make a space on the wall. Add some screws and hooks and set up a hanger system where you can mount your umbrellas, hats, or keys! This not only gives your wall a new look but also reduces the space used by storage cabinets.

·         Go green – The best and organic way to give your wall a new look is by adding hints of green. You can pick up a few bonsai tree variants or bamboo stalks on the shelf of the wall. Be it in your living room, dining room, bedroom or bathroom, you can add small pots of plants anywhere. These little splashes of green help you to brighten up the room and the mood!

·         Proper lighting – The last but not the least tip you can give your wall a new look is installing the right lights. Be it a chandelier/ rice lights/ small led lights, each of them helps you brighten up the dull walls. The lights allow you to enhance the colour of the wall and create a magical environment! The use of april and oak discount code help you to get them at low price.

These simple tips allow you to have the space of your dreams. Neither do you have to buy costly accessories nor tear down the entire set-up? With these unique tips, you can get the look you want in a jiffy!

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