What Car Care You Can Easily Do At Home?


Not all car maintenance and care require one to have a deep knowledge of automotive mechanics. Some of these car care tips you can do while at home. During the weekend or in your free time you can check up on the car and do some maintenance. Once you do the maintenance on your own you will be able to save much on car repair costs. Performing your regular car check-ups and light maintenance will enable you to protect the sizable investment you made in the car. The maintenance tasks will require less time investment.

Here is an overview of car care tips you can do while at home

Ceramic coating

Ceramic coatings are fluid polymers that bond with your car's paint on the exterior surface. You can comfortably do ceramic coating to your car while at home. This will enable you to maintain the beautiful shiny look of your car without any expenses incurred. You can use high-quality products for ceramic coating. Some of these products include Nexgen ceramic spray. These products contain hydrophobic properties which are ideal for car surfaces. The hydrophobic properties are gained from the amount of silicon dioxide found on this spray.

These properties can prevent wear and tear. Once you apply the spray, it starts working immediately. You only use a little amount to protect the entire exterior surface of your car. There are also incredible products to clean the car mirrors, for instance, the Torque Detail mirror shine. Before applying the torque detail you need to remove all dirt and any contaminants from the surface of the car.

How to apply ceramic coating

Many car owners have been seeking guidelines on how to apply the ceramic coating. When you have got the DIY ceramic coating kits, you can easily apply the ceramic coating to the car on your own.

Here are three easy steps to follow

1.  First, wash the car. Washing the car will enable you to remove any contaminants on the car's surface. This will also enable you to get the best results. Wash the car with a powerful detergent to get rid of any tough stains or spots. After that use a dry microfiber cloth to dry the car. Allow it to dry completely under a shady place away from any direct UV lights.

2.  Apply the coating. Shake the coating bottle and apply approximately 5-8 drops on a sponge. If you are using high-quality products like the Nexgen ceramic spray or the torque detail you will only spray the product directly on the surface of the car.

3.  Let the coating settle on the surface of the car for a short period then wipe the surface using a dry cloth. This will enable you to get a shiny look.

How to wash the car after ceramic coating

Many suggestions have been posted on how to wash a car after ceramic coating. You are not required to wash them a week after the coating has been done. After seven days, you can at least wash the car twice a month to get rid of any dust or contaminants on the surface of the car. You can hand wash the car. When washing the car use professional car wash products to give you the best results.

Perform Diagnostic Car maintenance apps like Autoly can help you perform your own diagnostic tests on your vehicle, ensuring that it’s in perfect condition.

With Autoly, scan any dashboard symbol and get a complete read out of what the issue is, how severe and DIY options are moving forward. You can also enter your automobile’s basic information to ensure you have the right parts equipped, including wheels, oil and other specs.

Performing your own diagnostic can help you understand and explain the issue when the time comes to consult an expert. Apps like Autoly are available on both the App and Play Store.

Final words

In conclusion, you can carry out some maintenance while at home. The above article clearly illustrates some of the car care tips you can do on your own. No professional skills are required to perform such tasks.

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