Wind Tree Service and its Work

The Wind Tree is an asset that generates green energy while preserving aesthetics and urban development plans. Assemble your tree by choosing the leaf and trunk hues.

The wind tree consists of 3 steel trunks that are connected in tinier branches to the 36 wind turbines in the form of a leaf. The Wind Tree can harness all winds, from mild winds to strong winds for both rural and urban areas.


Wind tree works

Wind Tree Service utilizes small blades contained in aero-blades to produce wind power. The feeds and branches of all wires and generators are connected. Artificial leaves function all around the tree as tiny vertical turbines. When the wind blows, the turbines spin and generate electricity silently.


Traditional wind turbines were condemned as unsightly, big, and frequently too loud for backyards. But New Wind, a French company, wants to alter the "Wind Tree," a 26 feet tall tree with 63 little blades that may produce energy. The tree's leaf-like blades use tiny wind turbines at rates of up to 4.5 miles per hour (mph) no of the direction of the wind. They are also quiet and maybe placed hypothetically around buildings, roadways, or even in the backyards of individuals.


The tree is lucrative over an average of one year following winds of 7.8mi/h. However, he thinks that tiny wind turbines may be crucial to the economic development of urban settings. The objective of each tree is to produce energy from surrounding infrastructure or wind tree service.


To create better cities, our idea of the production and use of renewable energies integrates quiet and design and harmonious relationship to nature." New Wind also develops additional colors, different kinds of tree barks and other branches, flowers, and cows.


The prototypes for Wind Tree were developed in 2013 and placed in Paris in 2015 and shortly after in the commune of Pleumeur-Bodou in Brittany in the northwest of France. The wind tree also is available for sale.

 The cost of a wind tree


The installation cost of a wind tree is $56,000, or around $10,370 per kilowatt. Wind turbines of a utility size are erected for a capacity cost of about $1,690/kW. The wind tree is 6x more costly per kilowatt than the power turbine.


What are the benefits and inconveniences of wind tree?

Benifits of wind energy

Disadvantages of wind energy

Renewable & clean source of energy


Low operating costs

Noise and visual pollution

Efficient use of land space

Some adverse environmental impact

Uses Wind Tree


Compared with bigger, significantly more power-generating wind turbines, the Wind Tree needs far less wind to produce energy and is far less variable. Its tiny size and noise-free nature may also be installed almost anyplace. The Wind Tree is much safer for animals as opposed to turbines that depend on huge wind blades.


And while it is not the first idea to use vertical axis rotors, the concept of the Wind Tree is much closer to being commercially implemented. New Wind has created design prototypes, showing that the business promises to increase awareness of renewable energies in the city. If all goes well, they aim to start mass manufacturing by 2016. Well, you are here because wind tree service provides excellent trees for residential and business buildings. We'd love to hear from you Please tell us!

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