How To Choose The Perfect Rug For Every Room?

A perfect rug enhances the visual appeal of any room. It’s like a finishing touch to an unfinished room. The right rug instantly transforms any decor and refreshes the style of the room. Rugs come in different sizes, colors, textures, patterns and the choices are vast.

A bold-colored rug will make a statement. Patterned rugs add a unique personality to a room. Nonetheless, rugs add beauty and we’ll help you learn how to choose the perfect rug for every room. First, let’s look into the three most important factors to consider before choosing a rug.

The right size

Ask yourself the following first - What rug size do I need? To help you determine the right answer, you need to have your home layout in front of you. The size of the rug depends on the room size and the area you want to cover. The carpet needs to fit nicely to enhance the beauty of the room

Appropriate shape

Carpets come in several shapes and not every shape is suitable for every room. There are rectangular, square, oval, round, narrow, and oversized carpets. Room shape and the size of the area you wish to cover will help you determine the appropriate rug shape. 

The function

Every rug has a purpose and a function. The two most dominant features of rugs are style and comfort. A rug can add a touch of class to any room. It also increases the amount of comfort and it feels nice to walk over especially if it covers a hard surface. Warmth, sound insulation, increased safety are other factors to convince you to put a rug into every room.

Now, let’s discuss the perfect rug choice per room:


Think of it as an area with a lot of foot traffic because it connects the entry point of your place to other indoor areas. The size has to be in proportion to the width and the length of the hallway. If the area is narrow, you can style it with a runner. If it’s wider you can go for a rectangular shape.

A patterned rug can hide the dirt that inevitably builds up over time so it will be less visible. Choose a synthetic material that is easy to clean, stain-resistant, and durable.  You can also pick something bold to wow everyone upon entry.

Living room

The most important thing is the size of the carpet. Placing a carpet that is either too big or too small can ruin the entire setup. A large floor rug is ideal for large living rooms. In this case, you can easily fit all pieces of furniture with ease over it. It will also increase the comfort levels of anyone sitting on the furniture because their feet will land on the soft carpet.

In case the living room is small, choose a rug that is equal to the length of the sofa. If the room size allows it, make sure the rug goes under furniture feet. The most common rug shape for the living room is rectangular because it can easily cover the right area. When it comes to a choosing the right color, make sure it complements the entire living room aesthetic.

Dining room

If the table is oval-shaped, go for an oval or round rug. A rectangular rug is a perfect match for a rectangular table. The size and the shape of the dining room table will guide you toward picking the right shape and size of the dining room rug. The rug should go beneath leg chairs for added comfort and a warmer mood. Go for something made of a light material like a flat woven rug that is easy for maintenance.


Think soft, warm, and fluffy - because you should feel this when you put your cold feet on the bedroom rug. Once again, the shape and size of the bed need to be taken into account. But, you have two options to choose from - a large rug or runners around the bed. A large rug will frame the bed and spread underneath it as well. Runners on both sides of the bed also work. Go for a thicker, denser kind to increase warmth, dampen sound and feel like you’re walking on a cloud.


When adding a rug to your home office, choose the size that perfectly covers your home office setup. Patterned or in one color both work because it’s your office and you should pick a color that cheers you up. An area rug is a suitable choice because it will easily encompass the area beneath the desk and chair.


Think in terms of safety and easiness to clean. The kitchen is where we spill a lot of things so go for a thin and narrow runner or simply cover the area in front of the sink. If you spill something, the runner or small mat will be easy to move, vacuum, and wash.


When it comes to your bathroom, the mat should be small, non-slippery, and comfortable. The material should be able to absorb water and dry with ease.

Lastly, always remember to take into account the color palette of the room before buying a new rug. The design, pattern, and texture should flow with the rest of your interior design.

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