SEO: How To Prepare And Know It Is Working?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an essential factor if you are running a business online using websites. The process is complex yet flexible; starting from making a WordPress site (ทำเว็บไซต์ WordPress) and ranking on search engines is where SEO comes in and rescues the day.


  • Analyze site statistics - the number of clicks, sources, user behavior, devices there were visits, the number of refusals (exits immediately after the transition). Statistics are shown by Google Analytics counters that are installed on the site.

  • Analyze organic traffic - if SEO (รับทำ SEO) is working, traffic will grow.

  • Monitor the movement of the site's positions in the search results - promotions, demotions, and how long the Internet resource has been in the top places.

  • If the semantic core is assembled correctly, most transitions will be by "keys" from the SY. High-quality content, clear structure, and site functions lead to a decrease in the number of bounces. Users spend more time on the pages.

The main result of SEO promotion is an increase in conversions. Track the number of calls using call tracking, registrations, orders concerning the total number of clicks to the site.


First of all, you need to analyze your site and draw conclusions about how it meets the requirements of search engines today, and fix the behavioral indicators:

  • the average time users spend on the site;

  • how many pages a user views per visit;

  • how many people leave the site at once without studying the content;

  • number of repeat visits;

  • snippet clickability.

The next step is to analyze the current sales funnel. Based on the results of the audit, a list of necessary changes is made. After that, an analysis of the sites of the company's competitors is carried out on the first pages of the issue. You need to pay attention to structure, semantics, content marketing, and positioning. After the analytical work, the semantic core is collected, and the design of the site is developed - sections, subsections.


Internal website optimization consists of a technical part and works with content. Technical optimization:

  • elimination of duplicate pages, broken links, problems with the functionality of the site, loading speed;

  • the adaptability of the Internet resource to mobile and desktop devices;

  • setting up sitemap.xml - information for search engines, which pages need to be indexed;

  • Setting robots.txt - information for the neural network, which pages do not need to be crawled.

If the site is transferred to another domain or the page address is changed, set up a redirect for the primary mirror. Then they start working with content:

  • make up a content plan for the blog;

  • create technical assignments for copywriters for texts for product cards, sections, and meta tags;

  • add interlinking - hyperlinks to the internal pages of the site in the finished texts.

External optimization consists of cooperation with other Internet sites. A list of sites is selected for posting thematic articles with a hyperlink to the site. It would be best to also prepare expert articles for the media, posting with bloggers on social networks.

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