Small DIY Homemade Items To Decorate Your Room

You do not always need expensive out-of-the-magazine items to decorate your room, instead, there can a ton of small DIY items that can take your decoration game to a whole new level. Below are some small homemade DIY items to adorn your room.

Fringe Trim

Brighten up your curtains, pillows, cushions, and every other fabric-based item in your room with colorful fringe trim. You can pick one color for all of the items or go with specific combinations. For example, black trims for white curtains and all different colors of trims for individual sides of a cushion.

Mosaic Dresser

Give your ordinary single-colored dresser a patterned look. You can use paint for this or simply get a wallpaper and past over it. It’s fun to go with contradicting colors to make it stand out in the room. You can also use stickers and washi tapes to give it a little childish look.

Wooden Tissue Box

A small wooden tissue box, unlike ordinary plastic boxes, lasts a long time and is super attractive. It’s more feasible to makeover an existing wooden box. You can cover it with layers of veneer and let them dry. However, be careful with where you place it because it can be a bit heavy for kids.

Nautical Vase

You can do a lot with jute rope. Take a vase and glue jut rope around it. Wait for it to dry and voila! You have your masterpiece. Place your favorite flowers in the vase and place them on a shelf. You can also apply this trick to plant pots. It can be one of those cute and unique small gifts which you can present to friends on a special occasion too.

Suitcase Table

Turn old suitcases into a side table or nightstand. You can paint them if you want or leave them to sport a vintage look. Place them at any corner in the room and they’ll still get all the spotlight. You can easily keep books, clothes, and blankets in them.

Washi Tape Creativity

Create a textured wall with washi tape. Cut strips of colorful tapes and place them randomly over one of your walls. Since washi tapes are available in tons of colors and textures, it is the easiest wall make-over you’ll ever have.

Wall Frames

Can’t afford Leonardo da Vinci? Be your own painter. Take small canvas and paint simple designs like some V-lines or polka dots. Choose colors of your theme and hang your chic paintings on empty walls. You can also turn your old paintings into newer ones by dipping half of them in the paint to create a color block display. You can choose different color combos for this. It will excellently utilize your garage-sale art.


Decorating your room is a lot easy with these DIY homemade items as they are super cheap and available to almost everyone. The best part – they really do make a difference. However, before starting with any of these make sure you have all the supplies required.

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