Six Electric Bike Brands to Consider


If you are ready to get away from constant car travel or want to use a bicycle to get to work and still feel fresh, an electric bike may be ideal. Not only do electric bikes offer a chance to work out without putting a great deal of stress on knees and ankles, but many manufacturers offer handy utilities, including cargo storage. Rethink your commute and errands to see if an electric bike would work for you.

According to Alek Asaduryan, founder of Yes Cycling, these are the top five electric bike brands right now.

1/ Dyu

If you like electric mini bikes, then dyu will be your best choice. We attach great importance to product experience and distinctive appearance.

The dyu d2f electric mini bike is one of our main styles, and it is also the most popular and customer's favorite electric bike among all our models.

Our dyu electric bicycles are suitable for urban cycling and can reach a maximum speed of 25km/h. Its compactness is more suitable for you to carry with you. 


2/ RadPower Bikes

A RadPower Bike could be good for your budget and your body, as it can give you the chance to live easily without a car. For example, the RadWagon 4 has a tire shield to keep your trousers tidy and a hearty carrying platform for shopping.

You can add a child seat to the platform to give your kiddos a thrill or put a cushioned seat on there for an older passenger. You can even get a pet carrier basket to bring your pooch on an adventure with you.

RadPower Bike is a brand that makes some of the best e-bikes with high load capacity right now.

For solo commuters who need to get to work without getting in a hard workout, the RadCity Step-Thru 3 is an ideal choice. If you are in dress slacks or a skirt, you can easily step through the lowered center frame strap your briefcase to the gear bar on the back, turn on your light and go. You can commute in comfort and skip the worry about a parking space!

3/ Ride1Up

If you are looking for reliable performance and plenty of speed, the Ride1Up line is ideally suited for urban comfort and convenience. Your Ride1Up bike will give you up to a 50-mile range and will roll at up to 28 miles per hour.

For those who want an electric bike that looks like any commuter, the ROADSTER V2 is an ideal choice. You will have pedal assist up to 24 miles per hour and a sleek frame that looks like a traditional bicycle. Get out there and amaze your fellow commuters!

If you are looking for a bike with a bit more hauling capacity, the 500 Series City Bike is ideally suited and offers optional fenders and frames. Should you need to be out in all weathers, the electronics of this highly useful bike are internally locked and fully protected.

4/ Himiway Bikes

If you are looking for a hearty ebike to help you climb some rugged trails, the Himiway line of fat tire bikes is a great choice. Himiway only sells fat tire bikes, though you can take them anywhere your imagination will go!

Their product line includes the moped style Escape for the adult who really misses motocross cycling. If you love a trail bike but need a bike for town life, the Himiway Cruiser is a wonderful option. Finally, if you want an e-bike that will allow you to cycle to the office, Himiway Step Thru will get you where you need to go without putting you through a hard cardio workout.

5/ Cannondale Bikes

Cannondale bikes have been around for a long time, and they have put their special skills to work on their line of Neo Ebikes. Whether you are headed to the mountains or to work, you can find a Cannondale bike to get you there.

One of the best features of the Cannondale Adventure Neo 1 EQ is the remarkable range. You can expect more than 90 miles of cycling assist, depending on terrain and the weight load on the bike. This ebike is ideally suited for city streets, so your daily commute and errands can include sunshine and fresh air!

If you are interested in getting into rougher terrain, the Cujo and Adventure lines have more than 60 miles of range available and hearty tires to take you up the roughest trails.

Finally, Cannondale bikes offer a wide variety of colors and styles. If you need a bright gold step-thru for your commute and errands. If hot orange or royal blue are more your color, they have that too!

6/ Pedego Bikes

If you need a bike to help you get back into a fitness routine, the Pedego Bike line of products is an ideal choice. Not only does this bike come with a warranty of one to five years, but they also sell certified used ebikes to help you strengthen your body and protect your budget.

For example, you can get off-road on an Element, a Trail Tracker, or a Ridge Rider. Each bike in this line offers a range of up to forty miles, disc brakes, and a multi-gear drive, but these hearty bikes can take you up some tough trails without putting a lot of strain on your leg joints.

Best of all, the Pedego line offers a tandem bike. Exercise, fresh air, and a fantastic date mean that your cycling options just got a lot better. Finally, since the Pedego line is sold through local bike shops, you can go in, get properly fitted for a bike that will boost your health, and get local service.

No matter your cycling goals, an e-bike will make your commute much easier. Carefully check out any add-on gear available for your chosen bike. Once you get out on the road and feel how fun and easy it is to power your bike, you will want to use it in many settings.

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