Best Face Forward: 5 Skincare Products That Turn Back Time


An ageless, flawless complexion is something that many of us try hard to achieve in every decade of life. That is partly why beauty is a billion-dollar industry, and we often invest a lot of money into products and procedures to attain luminous skin. Beauty, however, is tricky. In other words, only certain formulas work, and certain treatments deliver results, etc.

Even with all the TV beauty commercials and advertisements out there, it's still difficult to determine a great anti-aging ingredient from a dud without some beauty science knowledge. That's why our skincare pros have put together a list of the "5 Skincare Products That Turn Back Time."

1. Matrixyl
Say hello to the finest lipopeptide available known as Matrixyl or the Time Freeze MAX Collagen Booster.  This incredible component has the ability to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin where it can stimulate the production of fresh collagen to keep the foundation of your skin looking tighter and smoother while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The good news is that studies have shown noticeable improvement within two months of use.

2. Hyaluronic Acid
HA or hyaluronic acid is another beneficial, topical skincare ingredient that does the complexion well. The human body naturally produces HA, a moisture magnet for the skin and joints. However, as one goes through general aging, hyaluronic acid levels dip significantly, and that leads to drier skin, less collagen/elastin production and sagging of the facial contours.

An HA serum or cream can help to restore a dewy, brighter and plumper face that looks more youthful. Hyaluronic acid is a molecule made from enzymes, and it is amazing at holding up to 1,000 times its weight in water.

HA is easy to add to your anti-aging skincare regimen and effective when applied to damp skin.

3. Vitamin C
Although a daily glass of orange juice is good for your health on the inside, it's not effective for the complexion. Instead, apply a topical vitamin C serum formulated with ascorbic acid.

Leading dermatologists agree that the right vitamin C formula can address a number of common issues such as hyperpigmentation, a dull complexion, wrinkles, sun damage, etc. You want to look for a stable C serum with ascorbic acid in a dark glass bottle.

The best time to wear a vitamin C serum is during the A.M. before heading out for the day when UV radiation is at its highest.

A "C" serum comes in a variety of concentrations. Start off at five percent and work your way up to a 20 percent concentration for optimum results.

Do not apply vitamin C with retinol or Retin-A during the same time of day. That could inflame your skin. Keep the retinoids for nighttime use.

4. Retinoids
One of the most famous anti-aging ingredients is retinoids, and they are considered powerhouse topicals for ageless skin. Retinoids are vitamin A derivatives and come in various forms.

Prescription Retin-A is the most powerful as a topical white cream. Tons of dermatological studies have been performed on Retin-A for decades, and the stuff works if you are in it for the long haul, are consistent and patient for significant results like smoother, tighter, softer skin, luminosity and a softening of lines and wrinkles.

Retinoids can be tough to get your skin used to and can cause irritation, extreme dryness, itchiness, swelling and more. You have to apply it sparingly until your complexion is familiar with its strength.

You can also apply over-the-counter retinol with excellent results, according to skincare experts, and it's gentler on the complexion. It is not as powerful as its prescription sister, but it, too, can create real results.

What's so amazing about retinoids for beautiful, ageless skin?

The studies show that the vitamin A derivative is exceptional at rapid cellular turnover.

5. Rice Water
This may sound crazy, but rice water is cheap, easy to make, and Asian women have been using this anti-aging combination for generations now. Applying fermented rice water as a toner to the skin adds brightness, increases collagen, and helps to maintain suppleness.

Rice water is rich in antioxidants, and some research shows that it has the ability to repair and protect the natural barrier of the skin.

There are three ways you can make your own rice water simply with a bag of white rice and tap water.

You can soak it, ferment it or boil it. Once you gather the liquid, bottle it and use it for about one or two weeks, and keep it refrigerated.

Beautiful skin is all about putting your best face forward. You can develop a radiant, smooth complexion at any age. Our experts believe that these five ingredients can deliver real results.

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