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Do you think you are a safe driver and will not need to go to a car repair shop? Well, we are sorry to say that you are mistaken. The reason is that even if you are a safe driver, the same cannot be said for others. 

Another driver might come and hit your car. Other than a collision, vandals might vandalise your car, or a natural disaster might cause extensive damage. 

It is why having car insurance is a good idea. In fact, car insurance in UAE and many other countries worldwide is mandatory. Before we discuss what is included in car repair services, let us talk about car insurance.

Types of Automobile Insurance

Primarily, there are two types of car insurance in the UAE or anywhere else:


As the name indicates, it is the most complete type of car insurance. It covers damages to the third party, your car, and yourself. With add-ons, you can make it even more inclusive.


It is the most basic car insurance and the minimal requirement in UAE and other countries. It only covers damages to the third party. Any personal injuries or damages to your car are not covered under this policy.

Now, let us relate it to our topic.

Car Repair Services – Exclusions and Inclusions

If you have comprehensive automobile insurance and end up in a collision, you do not need to worry about anything as your insurance provider will take care of it. However, even the best insurance providers in UAE and worldwide require ample evidence to settle a claim. Therefore, make sure that you provide them with all the details regarding the incident. 

If you have third-party insurance only, you will end up paying for all the repairs to your car from your pocket. You might be wondering what's the point of having third-party insurance when it does not cover your car repairs? Well, it is cheaper than comprehensive. Secondly, if you own an older car, the repairs might be a lot cheaper, meaning that you can easily pay for them yourself instead of opting for insurance.

It is pertinent to mention that comprehensive car insurance does not cover all types of repairs. For example, if the repair is because of your failure to maintain the vehicle properly, the insurance company will not pay for it. The reason is that they expect you to maintain your vehicle.

Additionally, anything that comes under the term periodic car maintenance is not covered by insurance. For instance, your insurance company will not pay for:

  • Oil Change

  • Brake Pad Replacement

  • Car Servicing

  • Wheel Alignment

  • Wheel Balancing

  • Wheel Rotation

  • AC Servicing

Some insurance companies do not pay for the windshield either.

Wrap Up

If you have any questions regarding what is included in car repair services, feel free to ask us. Alternatively, you can contact your insurance provider directly for further clarification. Thank You.

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