What to know when choosing a home theatre system


The best way to recreate the experience of watching a movie in a cinema theatre without leaving the comfort of one's one home is to install a home theatre. With the growing interest in home theatres in Australia, especially Brisbane, here is a quick look at what to know when buying and embarking on a home theatre installation in Brisbane

  • Space

While choosing a home theatre system, it is important to keep in mind the size of the room where the set - up is going to be installed. A home theatre system usually includes a TV screen, a video source, a receiver and speakers. Even a basic set - up has five speakers ( two front speakers on both sides, a centre channel, two rear speakers on both sides), with higher range systems having up to nine speakers. Tv screens are also available in different sizes and can go up to 40 inches and more. So it is important to choose a model that can fit into the room while also leaving ample space for seating and viewing. 

  • Budget

It is easy to get carried away by the different options and styles available. Look up the various options available, do some research before settling on a budget, and fix a budget in tandem with one's comfort and need before shopping. It helps stay focused and save money.

  • Speakers

Since the main aim of a home theatre system is to recreate the movie theatre experience, a good set of speakers is necessary to achieve the same. A speaker that is too small for a room or too big can ruin the movie-watching experience. An ideal speaker should envelop the whole room with sound to produce a "stereo effect", which will give the audience a movie theatre experience. This will not be possible if the speakers are not the right size and not correctly positioned. 

  • TV

The TV chosen for a home theatre can make or break the theatre experience. A big TV in a small room can feel overwhelming and can make for an unpleasant movie watching experience. Likewise, a vast space with a small TV and home theatre set-up can be underwhelming. So for a satisfactory home theatre experience, a TV that matches the size of the room is essential. Just like how the correct speakers can enhance the movie, in the same way buying the right TV can elevate the experience from good to great. The TV size should be in proportion with the size of the speakers. If the speakers are bigger with more range, there are chances for the audio to overpower the visuals and take the attention away from the scenes. So it's important to buy a TV screen that complements the speakers and enhances the experience instead of creating an imbalance.

  • Lighting

An essential aspect of home theatre that is often overlooked is the home theatre lighting. People usually concentrate only on getting the perfect equipment for their set - up not realising that perfect lighting is also a massive part of the home theatre experience. If the home theatre has steps or rises, including safety lights to avoid stumbling in the dark and accidents is important. If there are windows in your room, make sure to find a way to block all light from outside to minimise distractions. Be conscious of light from outside or light from the screen reflecting off surfaces inside the room as they can be very distracting and ruin the whole experience.

Now that there is a clear idea get in contact with home theatre installation in Brisbane to set up the ideal home theatre. 

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