Childhood is the most unique and stress-free period in a human life span. If a child has learnt anything during that time, such learnings will follow a child for its entire life. Learning platforms are diverse and spectacular in the recent era. They range from classroom learnings to E-learning platforms which include brilliant and captivating kids learning programs. It is preferable to let the kid select what type of learning they want. Even if it is not easy for the child to choose learning programs early, they can be provided with multiple learning experiences and then follow the interest. Development theories related to childhood explain the changes in childhood and the growth of the child throughout childhood. Social, emotional and cognitive growth are the various aspects of maturing. It is always challenging to understand how and due to what causes a child's development to occur. Since learning about humans is a rich and varied subject, observing a person is the best possible choice to deal with a human. A basic understanding of human beings is necessary to know what motivates human thoughts and behaviour to add substantial insights into child development. 

Understanding childhood

Expansions in thought processes, language usage, physical growth, and emotional awareness are not always given severe considerations. However, these are the basics for a developmental strategy that brings up perceptions to focus on learning experiences. Focusing on pretty limited cognitive or social growth aspects focuses on kids learning programs that improvise the necessary occurrences in a child's life. Taking a look at the various child development theories makes it possible to let the child be perfectly comfortable yet inspiring growth. 

Various stages of cognitive changes affect the learning experience of an infant.

When the infant's behaviour is limited to the simple motor responses caused by sensory stimuli is the initial stage. The next step is when a child doesn't understand the logic behind the statements but learns different signs and languages. Letting them through learning experiences at the beginning of this stage makes them realise the ideal language and have little understanding of how the adults respond. Let them go through the various learning platforms, and it's fair enough if they don't follow the logic. The next one is a crucial stage where the child gains a better understanding of logical concepts but lacks abstract or hypothetical concepts. This stage is when the ethics and evolutions matter and let them know about the theoretical frameworks. Skills such as logical thought, deductive reasoning, and systematic planning emerge during the next stage, and this is the time to learn abstracts and theories. We can teach a broad vision and better understanding at this point. Curricular and co-curricular activities fresh up the child's learnings, making the child a better social human being. 

Learning platforms

In the present world, diverse and intense learning platforms are available for kids. Choosing the brightest one is the finest yet hardest one. Among all that, E-learning platforms are a touch away, but the perfect choice has to be made since it builds the child, grows the ability, enhances the ideologies and enriches the personality. In reality, understanding how the nature of the child changes and evolves throughout childhood requires a look at the learning ideologies that influence a child's physical and psychological growth. Let the child grow according to their dreams and let the caretakers set the route according to the child's personality.

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