4 Steps to Taste Gin Like an Expert to Stock Up Your Home Bar

One of the favourite spirits that Australians like to sip is gin. Many gin distilleries in the country offer gin tasting experiences so that people can taste their products and potentially purchase a bottle or two to take home. 

If you plan to stock up your home bar with spirits, going to a gin masterclass will let you know what spirit you are investing in. 

You may purchase different gin brands for your bar collection at home; however, if you did not take time to select them carefully through a masterclass, you may end up serving your guests with sub-standard spirits. It is therefore important to choose your stock of clear spirits for home bar thru gin tasting. Here are the six steps to taste gin like an expert.

Step 1. Choose a Flavor that You Fancy. 

With the freedom to deviate from different botanical flavours aside from the standard juniper berries, each gin distillery will claim that they have the best gin in the market. Therefore, it is your prerogative to choose the different gins you want for your home bar by tasting them one by one. 

It is best to attend a gin masterclass from one of your favourite gin distilleries and choose one of their offering flavours. If possible, taste all their gin flavours but be sure to cleanse your palate after sipping each flavour. 

Step 2. Use the Right Glass for Tasting. 

While you can use any glass for drinking spirits leisurely, you will need to have a specific type of glass when you plan to taste the full flavours of the gin. If you want to invest in the right types of gin for your home bar, it is best to taste them correctly using the right type of glass. If unsure, you can always ask the experts at the gin distillery. They will know better what type of glass to use for their brand. 

Step 3. Smell the Spirit.

 If you have ever been to a wine tasting, tasting spirits such as gin will be similar. It would help if you involved your sense of smell to fully appreciate the flavours of the gin you are tasting. However, do a gentle whiff of the spirit just enough to pick up the aromas contained in the gin you are tasting. 

Your first whiff will be the top notes of the gin. If you have a hard time smelling the aromas of the gin, you may wet the palm of your hands with the gin and sniff them to determine the aromas contained in a specific gin flavour. 

If you are scheduled to taste different gin flavours in a short period, it is best to bring coffee beans with you to cleanse your sense of smell before whiffing another flavour. If you do not have coffee beans, smelling the back of your hands will serve as a smell cleanser as well. 

Step 4. Tasting the Spirit. 

The last step is to taste the spirit. However, do not swallow your first sip. Instead, let it linger on your mouth for a while to fully appreciate how the spirit tastes like. If the masterclass is offering multiple gin flavours, it is best not to swallow each sip so that you can stay sober to fully discern the flavours you will select for your home bar.

Attending a masterclass that offers gin tasting and cocktail making is a great way to know what spirits you will get to stock up your home bar. However, it is important to know the four steps in gin tasting so that you can fully appreciate the aromas and flavours of the spirits you are purchasing. 

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