Top 5 Most Popular Apps 2021

In this article, we are going to tell you that which apps are most downloaded in 2021 from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Let us make it clear to you that some most advanced apps like Clubhouse are not in this competition, as they are only possible for iPhone users and it's downloading ratio is not high.

Apps downloaded this year (2021) have been badly affected by the Coronavirus, but the market is still moving. And order to campaign the mobile market, it is important to understand that which app is being downloaded more. To improve your campaign, it’s important to understand how to reach your purpose audience online and the best channels to interact with them. Onhax

There are thousands of apps available in the market, but we are discussing the top 5 most downloaded apps. Let's start...


Tiktok is the most popular app in the whole world and this app is growing day by day in just a year of 2021. Most of the consumers stay at home and use mobile phones, they are looking for 4movierulz ideas of enjoyment. Social media users are now excited by videos, and when connected with TickTock's smart algorithms, they can perform almost irrelevant applications for users.

By using the TikTok app you can create your video. It is not unreasonable to say that with this app you can show your talent to people. You can enjoy a lot more fun with a 30-second video. In 2021 more than 2 million downloaded Tiktok from the Google play store.


Facebook is the number one app in the whole world, it is often to say that Facebook is the most successful app in 2021. With this app, you can connect with your friends, and share you can share your beautiful memory or any type of video. You can also find your new friend from the entire world and also you can chat with them. 

The Facebook company launched other famous apps like Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger. There are two very important activities for a marketer to Facebook Marketing and advertisement.


Instagram is a part of the Facebook family. This app is being used to photo and video sharing. In the term of its feature, this app is the most popular in the world. While the app is expected to retain its stats, it is safe to say that it will remain popular in 2021 due to its popularity and lack of interest in the App Store.

In the previous summer of 2020, Instagram introduced its latest Reels feature that can compete directly with TickTock. Interestingly, this feature will evolve and affect downloads. It is one of the best apps in the world to share your video and photos with friends.


Founders of WhatsApp Jann Koum and Brian Acton previously worked together on Yahoo for 20 years. They are the originator of Whatsapp. WhatsApp joined Facebook in 2014. But continues to function as a standalone application, focusing on building a messaging service that can be used quickly and reliably anywhere in the world.

The best thing about this app is that you can share your personals data with friends without any restriction. Whatsapp is also giving you advanced security and privacy. It has its fingerprint security system to secure your data. The most common and useful feature of this app is that its status.


Snapchat can be used for entertainment and business purposes. It has a bright feature called "Instant Creation" that lets you immediately and simply create ads. Also then share them by location to ensure that the target audience is in the ad. Take interest He can see it. Therefore, Snapchat can be a useful marketing tool.

You can do both businesses and entertain at the same time. You can capture your funny memory by using this amazing app.

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