The Best Wired Earbuds for Running and Exercise


The best wired Earbuds provide accurate, consistent sound and comfortable wear during the day. This is another thing to look for while looking for the right wired earbuds.

Drivers: The drivers within the buds pump the sound in your ears are the tiny speakers. The richer the sound you probably get, the more drivers you have a selection of buds. Budding with one means that the single driver must cover the entire sound spectrum, from the low bass to the high trebles. But additional drivers allow you to tuned each to various frequencies, dividing up the dynamic sonic range, giving you the complete range.

Fit: It is vital to ensure a safe fit, as buds that continue to pop while running can be distracting, irritating and very pointless. Most modern buds come with a couple of rubber tips to match your ear comfortably. Some provide special support for inner ears, or an extra plastic piece that goes over the ear and outside. While the odds of your buds dropping out significantly decrease, they also may get uncomfortable. Some buds have many other materials inside to decrease noise outside, such as gel tips, moulds, and wax guards.

Weatherproofing: There is a convenient IPX scale for how waterproof a product is: an IPX4-rated bud can withstand light rain, sweat, and sprinkling, whereas an IPX8 unit can be thoroughly overwhelmed and intact. A lower IPX-rated bud should be good for daily jogging and workouts.

Wire length and quality: While most of us concentrate on sound quality and having a snug fit, we take the cable into consideration as well. You don't combine a large individual with a short cable, and the first step would make it difficult to run freely and pull your ears with every step. Cheaper cables are often easier to tangle up in your bag or pocket than others and require more time before each application.

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Bose In-Ear Headphones

These buds are weatherproof and sweaty, so you need not be afraid to run in the rain. They are a little larger than most other choices, but so safe and comfortable that once the training is started, they easily go back to the background. The wingtips will give your inner ear a solid grip and will not pop during jogging or elliptical.

JBL Endurance RUN Wired Sport In-Ear Headphones

They are fully sweat-proof with the IPX5 ranking. The well crafted seal not only retains water and moisture, it also provides a balanced bass, centre and high atmosphere with a vivid transparency, rich depth and information in your favourite tones. Perhaps most significantly, when worn for long distances, they are incredibly comfortable and safe enough to fall down to a minimum.

Sony Walkman NW-WS413

No matter how waterproof you make it, when you dip under the sea, a true wireless earbud can't play your tunes. Physics is simple: Bluetooth cannot move in water as it does in the air. And if you're swimming, an earbud is dislodged, you don't have the chance of recovering it.

This is why Walkman Sports MP3 player from Sony W-Series win this category since they have no wireless capacity whatsoever. You can't just be entirely underwater and play music still, but can run at depths of up to 2 metres in salt or fresh water — go ahead and jump into the bottom.

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