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The most appreciated feature on streaming sites is that of being able to start watching a movie at a certain time, and then having the possibility to stop, if necessary, go back and possibly resume watching at another time, perhaps on another device. In short, all the functions of a DVD, or old video cassettes, within reach of a smartphone or remote control.

Over the past few years, a ton of different streaming sites have flourished, legal or otherwise. The ones we list below are all legal streaming sites: some require a subscription, even if they allow you to activate a free trial period, others allow you to watch movies or TV series for free after registering.

 There is a large variety of films available on these sites, from comedies and dramas to horror and action movies, from children's cartoons to documentaries. The functions that each platform offers are truly varied, such as subtitles in different languages, the ability to download content to view them offline or register a profile with content suitable for children. In this article, you will find a list of the best streaming sites with explanations on the different features and functions. If you don't have a smart TV you can enjoy streaming services using an Android TV Box.

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Content index

1 Netflix

2 Prime Video

3 Disney +


5 Apple TV +

6 Now TV


It is currently without a doubt the most popular streaming platform. Netflix offers a truly vast catalog of TV programs, films, documentaries and even some TV series produced directly by Netflix (such as the famous "Paper House"). If you are interested in exploring how it works and viewing its catalog, you can take advantage of a free month's subscription and cancel shortly before the expiration date. You can watch Netflix on smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs and PCs for a small fixed monthly amount.

There are three plans available:

Basic Plan: currently costs € 7.99 per month and allows viewing on only one device at the same time

Standard Plan: costs € 11.99 per month and allows the use of two devices at the same time

The Premium plan: with € 15.99 you can have up to 4 devices at the same time. Users can create up to four different profiles on a single account, plus one dedicated to children.

Best streaming sites Netflix

With the app for iOS, Android and Windows 10 you can also download your favorite shows or movies to watch content on the go and when you are not connected to the Internet. Among the best TV series not to be missed are: Narcos, which tells the story of the Mexican drug cartels, Breaking Bad, Suits, Sherlock and many others. 

The platform also offers many foreign films (not only the American ones but also Chinese, Japanese, Korean) and also gives the possibility to watch the films in the original language and possibly to add subtitles in Italian. This feature is very useful if you want to learn or improve your English or another foreign language you are studying.

Prime Video

Prime Video is the streaming service offered by Amazon to anyone who has subscribed to the Amazon Prime subscription. Currently with the subscription to Amazon Prime you can benefit from free shipping, exclusive offers on Amazon and you can access the Prime Video streaming platform. 

Thanks to Amazon Prime, however, you also have access to other interesting services. For example, you can read hundreds of eBooks, listen to ad-free music with Prime Music, and access in-game content at no additional cost thanks to Twitch Prime.

After the first 30 free days, Amazon Prime is automatically renewed at a cost of € 36 per year or alternatively € 3.99 per month. The subscription can be canceled at any time.

By subscribing to the Prime service you can have unlimited streaming of films, TV series, Amazon Original programs (such as The Grand Tour, Modern Love, Making the Cut…) and thousands of highly successful film productions at no additional cost. Oreo TV for PC also offers the possibility to watch documentaries, films, entertainment shows and much more.

Disney +Disney Plus

Disney + is the new streaming service offered by The Walt Disney Company which is available in Italy from March 2020. The platform is able to offer a truly excellent catalog of products including original and exclusive productions, Italian productions, over 500 films and more than 350 TV series.

Disney +, which we talked about in our in- depth analysis , can be used by up to four devices at the same time, you can create up to seven different user profiles and activate profiles for children where content suitable for children is offered. Between classic Disney cartoons, Marvel films, the famous Star Wars saga, cartoons that air on Fox and documentaries made by National Geographic, there is truly a proposal for everyone. 

Disney gives the opportunity to try the service for free for seven days which can be activated through the official website, and at the end of the period you can choose whether to take a monthly subscription of € 6.99 or an annual subscription of € 69.99. Disney + also allows you to download the contents for free to be able to watch them on devices even when you are offline.


On the streaming and sport side, it is impossible not to mention the new DAZN platform. Despite some initial hesitation (caused by problems with event streaming), this service is establishing itself among football fans and beyond.

Apple TV +

Even Apple has designed its platform to watch streaming content on-demand. You can watch exclusive Apple original content created in collaboration with big names on the international scene, such as Steven Spielberg, JJ Abrams, Reese Witherspoon and Oprah Winfrey. 

Given that here there are films and documentaries made exclusively for the Cupertino giant, this cannot be considered a platform in competition with other streaming services available on the market. Apple TV + does not feature commercial film productions, but it is a more particular and niche service to which you can subscribe to see special and unreleased content.

Apple TV + can be used on any Apple device , such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV, Mac and on any other device using one of the supported browsers, i.e. Safari, Firefox, Chrome, by connecting to the official website . After a first week of free trial, the monthly cost is € 4.99.

Now TV

Now TV is the online streaming site provided by Sky that allows you to watch sports events, films, documentaries and TV series on smart TVs, smartphones, computers or tablets. Unlike Sky, Now TV does not require a satellite subscription but only an internet connection. NOW TV is available on different devices such as: PC, Smartphone, Tablet and on compatible smart TVs, Google Chromecast, Vodafone TV, TIM Box or an Xbox and PlayStation game console.

The subscriptions available are two: one that concerns the film and entertainment, the other covering the sport. Both tariff plans allow you to associate up to four devices , but only the subscription that concerns cinema and entertainment allows you to have a seven-day free trial and to be able to use two devices at the same time.

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