How to Delete your Gmail account?


It is very useful to use Gmail accounts these days, but in some situations, you should delete your Gmail account. Sometimes it is possible that you will not look any solution of your Gmail account and only the best way is to delete your Gmail account. This situation occur especially when someone hack your Gmail account. Another reason of deleting your Gmail account is that if the owner has died then it is important to delete Gmail accounts those are related to died person. And if you want to create a new one account, then you can delete your old Gmail account.

Delete your Gmail account on mobile device

In this article, we will discuss that how we can delete Gmail account.  However it is not clear that why you want to delete it. Because there could be lot of reasons, but this blog is related to delete your Gmail account. Here we will discuss that how we can delete our Gmail account while using mobile devices.

1.       Open your Gmail account and click on profile of your account. So there will be an option of “ Manage your Google account”, so click on this option.

2.       When you will click on it, then you will be get some options on left side. On the third option, there will be data & personalization.

3.       When you will click on this option, then there will be occurred some options. At the below, there will be the option of delete a service or delete your account.

4.       To keep it continue, click on the option of delete a service and after clicking on it, you should need to verify it and for this purpose, you should enter your Gmail account password.

5.       In the below of right side, a delete sign will be occur, so click on it. But it should keep in mind that if you are using Gmail account for long time, then you should have your data in it. So we suggest you to copy your data before permanently delete your Gmail account. When you will download your data then all your emails, files, documents as well as attachments will be copied.

6.       If you want to reset your Google services, then you should add an email address that is not related to Gmail. After adding an email address, click on the option of send verification email.

7.       When you will add a non Gmail account for verification, so enter the username and password of that email address to open it and then Google will send a verification link to this email address. So click on this link.

8.       When you will open the link that was Google send, then at the end, you will find the option of delete your Gmail account and click on this option.

When you will delete your Gmail account, then all conversation that you have with someone will be deleted and you will be unable to use your Gmail account for long time. And if you want to reuse Gmail accounts, then you can buy Gmail PVA accounts from us. We will provide you high quality Gmail accounts those could be used for long time. And you will not only get high quality Gmail accounts but unlimited awesome services are waiting for you.

Buy bulk Gmail accounts

Gmail is famous and biggest email service that is using from biggest community that is related to business as well as individually. The biggest reason of using Gmail PVA accounts is that all people can use it, because it is easy to use. Mostly business companies try to buy bulk Gmail accounts for their business, because a professional person know that bulk Gmail accounts could be provide better results rather than limited Gmail accounts. For business promotion, it is important to send multiple emails daily and single email account cannot fulfill the requirements of sending multiple emails. But when you will buy Gmail PVA accounts in bulk then you can send emails as much as you want. The price of bulk Gmail accounts is high in the market, but you will get these accounts in cheap rates when you will get services from our website.

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