How Google use information that it collect from users?


It is clear that if you want to get something from Google, then you should provide your information against gaining services. But the question arrives that why Google collect information against its services and what Google do with these information. So Google tells us that Google use this information for improving the quality of its services and through it, users can use Google’s services in developed form. For Google as well as users data protection, it is important to use these services. And using this information, Google can offer best ads and search suggestions for different users according to their information. Here we will discuss that how Google use your different information for different purposes.

Your name

If you want to avail the services of Google, then the first thing that Google demands is your name. So if you want to use any service, then it is important to provide your original name to Google. Because, through your name, Google will create your profile that will be mentioned with your name. when you will create your Google account, then the identity of this accounts will be related to your provide name. and it should keep in mind that the people of all over the world are creating their Google accounts for using Google service. So if someone will demand for your profile name, then Google will show your profile and picture for advising to changing other user’s name.

Profile name and profile picture

It is common seeing that Google demands for profile picture as well as profile name. So the main and important reason of demanding these things is only to collect and count the actions those a user will make on Google services or its app services. Through these things, Google can count the numbers of posting and if you will across this limit, then Google will alert you from your activities.

Email address

Not only you can contact to Google, but in some situations, Google will contact to you and for this purpose, Google will need to contact you through any source. So you know that email services are best and secure way for communication and due to this, Google demands for adding your email address while creating Google account. If there is some changes in policies of Google for making better the services of Google, then Google can contact with users through email address. So, all improvement that will be occurring in Google could be received through email.

Cookies and technologies

It is important to provide high quality services and increase the experience of users and all these activities are important to gaining the trust of users. But it is not possible without using users cookies and some other technologies. So, Google demand for these things while creating Google accounts. It is real fact that there are unlimited languages in the world and different people of world are using different languages. However, Google offered its services in lot of languages. So when you will add your basic language in Google account, then Google will offer you some services and ads in your added language. So adding language is very useful for client leading.

Google also use automatic systems for user’s security. Because there are different types of spam and virus in Google content. So if these bad thing attacks, then it can trash your important data. But Google use its system and through these systems, you can use a best way for different purpose. Because Google detects all problems for its users.

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