Different versions of Gmail PVA accounts


Google is the creator of Gmail and only Google involved in creating this email services. So Google is responsible for developing the system of Gmail. And for this purpose, Google has divided Gmail PVA accounts in two famous categories. One is free version Gmail accounts which is mostly using in the world of communication. Because it is only for those people who are using Gmail PVA accounts for their personal life. While other category is paid Gmail accounts and these accounts are less in numbers from free version Gmail accounts. Now we will discuss both categories in details.

Free version Gmail accounts

As we discussed above that these accounts are high in numbers and if you want to make communication with friends and family members, then these accounts are best. Because there are no charges of using these accounts and all people of the world can avail this Gmail facility. So if you want to increase your impression in relatives for communication, then you can buy free version Gmail PVA accounts from our website and we will provide you these accounts in low rates.

Paid Gmail accounts

These accounts are very useful and important if you want to use Gmail accounts for your business. These are paid accounts and due to this only, business community can avail the services of these accounts because business companies pay monthly for these accounts. However, paid Gmail accounts can work from than their expense.

Here are some important differences which you can find in free and paid Gmail accounts.

Custom email address

If you think that people are not giving you much response, then it is clear that you should use custom email accounts. Because in email marketing, there is no value to free Gmail accounts. The reason is that these accounts cannot provide you custom email addresses and if you want to become succeed Business Company, then you should use custom email addresses.

Maximum uptime

If you will buy paid Gmail accounts, then you can use the service of email for 24/7. Because there is very low chances of down system when you will use G Suite accounts. However, according to estimation, you should face only 9 hours or less in a year. While, if you will buy free Gmail accounts, then there is no guarantee of using maximum time. So it is the big discussed difference between paid and free Gmail accounts.


If you will use free Gmail accounts, then you can get 15 GB data for single Gmail account and using this memory, you can you can share emails, files and documents. While in paid version, you can get 30 GB data through $5 per month. And unlimited storage for $10 per month or 1 TB if the company members are less than 5. However, 30 GB data is enough for sending emails, documents and files. But if you want to share videos, then this GB looks poor and you will need more and more memory.


If you want to get rid from useless ads, then you should buy Gmail paid phone verified account. Because some people get bore from ads and ads is main issue when you will buy free version Gmail accounts. If you want to share your company ad, then it is not possible to share it through Gmail free version account.

From all above discussion, it is clear that if you want to use Gmail accounts for your business, then you should use G Suite accounts. While if you want to save your money and use Gmail accounts for personal life, then you should buy free Gmail accounts.

PVA Gmail accounts

Phone verification is important process when you want to use a best way for communication. Because without verification, it is not possible to use any category of secure way. And you know that email services are using from before 21th century for contacting with each other’s. However, the real way of communication through email services was introduce in 2004 after creating Gmail email service. And only Gmail PVA accounts are using in all over the world for unique purposes. You cannot create high quality Gmail PVA accounts own self, but if you want to solve communication problems, then you can get our website services.

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