Everything you need to know about Wedge Wire Industrial Steel Screens

Wedge wire industrial steel screens are increasingly being used in various industries, including mining, food processing, chemical, cement, sugar, architecture, gas & oil, and paper. Food, water waste, liquid/gas, metal particles, mining materials, and other materials are separated, sized, and filtered using these. 

Fine Perforators, a performance-oriented manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of wedge wire screens, has a comprehensive range of wedge wire screens for sale, with a focus on providing the finest quality at the lowest price to help you expand your business. Manufacturers have years of experience creating wedge wire screens and have shown a reliable supply for users. 

Materials used in Manufacturing Wedge Wire Industrial Steel Screens

Stainless steel (SS) wire is used to make wedge wire industrial steel screens. The SS rods help wedge wire screens maintain their rigidity and strength. Wire knitting/loops have a unique design that makes the top opening narrow while the bottom entrance is comparably broader, allowing for a high flow rate as required by industries. 

The wedged wires' V form makes these screens clog-resistant and durable. The surface profile is meant to keep filtering flow synchronized. Manufacturers offer the most comprehensive selection of wedged wire screens, including fine surfaced welded wedge wire screens with slot sizes starting at 0.25mm.

To give the user the most productivity while requiring the least amount of housekeeping. Users can choose the best-wedged wire industrial steel screens for their application based on the following criteria:

● Usage purpose

● Measurements

● Substance

● Characteristics

● Slots, grooves, and rods

● Capacity for a certain application

Advantages of using the Wedge Wire Industrial Steel Screens

● In comparison to other screen types, these feature a larger circulation area.

● Mechanically, these are very strong.

● These screens are resistant to corrosion and wear.

● These are suitable for usage in tough conditions and at high temperatures.

● These easily adapt to various incoming-fluid directions.

● These have been tried and true in terms of filtration accuracy.

● These are finished seamlessly, ensuring that there are no dead ends on the interior.

Different Applications of Screens:

● Wedge wire filters are commonly employed in liquid and particle filtration systems.

● Intake screens are used to purify seawater at the point of entry.

● Water well screens are used to remove silt from water wells.

● Architectural wedge wire screens are used to clad walls and building facades.

● Wedge wire gratings are commonly used to cover drainage ditches.

● Wedge wire screen for support grids — Used at the bottom of de-sulfuring machines, carbon filters, sand lautering tanks, and other similar applications.

● Sieve bend filtering screens with wedge wire sieve bend.

● Wedge wire screen baskets - Rotate at high speed to separate solids from liquids.

● Wedge wire screen cylinders — Because of their high load-carrying capability, wedge wire screen cylinders are used in heavy-duty, large-scale machinery.

● Drum screens with rotary drum screens are used in drum screens that are powered by motors.

● Looped wedged screens are made of round wire that has been looped at regular intervals and are used in the mining, processing, chemical, and sugar industries.

● Stationary wedge wire screen - These screens are extensively used in the sugar, mining, and cement industries and are made of looped wire assemblies or welded wires.

These are few pointers that can brief about the wedge wire industrial steel screens. Users can get to know their applications and the types of products available before choosing one for their usage.

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