How to Build a Digital Workplace for Frontline and Remote Staff

Frontline workers, hands down, are the most valuable asset of a company. They are most responsible, advanced with their work, and have a dedicated position either on field or activity.

The frontline workforce is on the ground and directly interacts with your customers, ultimately leading the full charge of the organization. Despite being such an essential part of the company, they are often left unattended, which is why they may frequently feel disconnected from the company and what’s happening on the premises. 

As per reports, only 13% of frontline workers feel engaged at their workspace, which is why there’s a high chance for them to leave you for another company that offers a more inclusive digital workplace.

Importance of including frontline workers

If you are unable to understand the importance of involving the frontline workforce to enhance your business strategies, it may hamper your profits. The frontline workforce forms the backbone of so many industries that it makes up nearly 80% of the world’s workforce. Because they work in the field, their roles directly impact your customers’ experience, which means the way they manage tasks and their productivity levels are directly linked to how well your company performs. Therefore, to keep all departments happy and ensure they all feel included, it is important for the HR and company leaders to create an environment that makes every employee feel included.

Participating your frontline workers in daily business platforms inspires and empowers them to perform at the best of their abilities.

The two primary leadership strategies that can help companies strengthen, connect and prioritize their non-desk workers are mentioned below:

A mobile-first digital workplace that ensures all the distributed workers are also prioritized in the workspace

And regular face-to-face contact with the frontline workers using the best team communication app

Make Your Organization a Digital Workplace

Thanks to the ongoing pandemic and the lockdown that has come with it, the digital workplace approach has been on a quick rise. However, not many companies have thought it through to include their distributed workforce in carrying out transformation. By using a good team communications app, like Nuovoteam, you can ensure every department, especially the frontline workforce can participate in daily business activities.

A communication app is a form of an employee-centric strategy that helps you reach out to your non-desk workforce so that you can share all the business information equally with all your employees.

You have to ensure all your frontline workers are easily able to connect with you over instant messaging apps. They can also have this app installed on their personal devices because it can simplify employee buy-in and it largely reflects how employees communicate these days.

Here’s how you can update communication channels for your frontline workforce so that you can become a modern and digitally sound workforce with an all-inclusive strategy.

Lead from the Frontlines to Build Trust

While leading from a distance sounds like an easy way to manage team and operations, it isn’t a commendable thing to do. Experts believe that leading from a distance can only help to a certain extent, therefore, it is important to get out from behind your desk so that you can spend quality time with your frontline workplace employees. A digital workplace can help you boost employee engagement at the workplace if you can especially complement this initiative by taking out some in-person time at the frontline workspace.

For instance, if you are into the logistics industry and run a hotel, then you can have your managers monitor all the meetings they        have with their employees- both in person and on their Nuovoteam app for remote workers. By meeting the staff members on a video call, managers can build connections with all the employees, and frontline workers can also connect with their colleagues, thereby encouraging cooperation and collaboration among staff.

Why Should You Get a Good Team Communication App?

If you don’t see your company from every angle, you may find it difficult to progress after reaching a stagnation. A great way to ensure all your employees feel included so they can work dedicatedly is for managers to sit down and get to the employees. Managers need to learn what their team does and they should also ask them all the tools they may need to perform well at their job.

By providing feedback to even the remote workforce, you can implement better strategies that can improve your business operations. Once you personally connect with your frontline workers, you can actually inspire them to go above and beyond for the organization.

Develop an in-person leadership approach so that you can drive employee engagement by fostering the following: 

  • Have a purpose in mind so that you can align all your employees with a broader mission.
  • Cultivate a culture that accepts everyone, so your team feels valued. If they feel they belong here, they can realize how important their role is to accomplish the company’s vision and mission.
  • Whenever your remote workforce is on the premises, shake hands with your team and sit with them to get to know who they are. Listen to what they want and share your company’s vision and future goals. This will help you create a connection with your frontline workers that will result in deeper engagement, improved productivity, and higher retention rates.

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