The Supreme Court has launched translation software in BD Today

 Amar Bhasha'. The software was unveiled on Thursday through a virtual event.

The software developed by the Extep Foundation of India is capable of translating Supreme Court orders and judgments from English to Bengali using artificial intelligence.

The Indian High Commission in Dhaka said in a statement on Thursday that the Extep Foundation of India's original 'translation' software was similarly used in India to translate from English to Bengali and other Indian languages.

The software was directed by the Supreme Court of India to be used as translation software from November 26 last year.

The event featured a video made by Extep about my language software.

Indian High Commissioner Vikram Doraiswamy said that India is very honored to be a partner in the installation and distribution of this unique translation software made in India. Such cooperation can only be possible between India and Bangladesh. Because, Bengali is one of the recognized languages ​​of India. Besides, the source, rules and language of the judicial system of both India and Bangladesh are identical.

Doraiswamy praised the recent efforts of the Bangladesh Supreme Court to use technology such as e-courts to ensure justice during the epidemic.

He said that in November 2020, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had specially requested the Bangladesh authorities and judicial officials to give a verdict in Bengal. He emphasized the importance of launching the software on the 50th anniversary of the victory of Bangladesh with the guidance and technical support of the Extep Foundation and the launch of the software three days before the 21st February International Mother Language Day.

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