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I thought I was doing something wonderful every time I took my hair out of my beauty essentials. That one thing is nothing compared to someone who really knows how to customize a wig with expert precision. This was the case when I visited Touched By An Angel Beauty Salon in Stockbridge, GA 30281, United States to see a wig and fabric stylist LaPorsha Grier changed the two units that I have very specific vision. One would be a curly sew-in, very slightly curly and the other would give me the front lace sew-in with body and bounce. In other words, I want a wig for everyday wear and another whip for special occasions. If you liked me and would rather leave the heavy lifting to a professional or want to challenge the process of customizing a wig at home, here are the most important steps in one of my wigs.

Choose your wig

For starters, don't start the research required for a wig that you like. I envy anyone who has the ability to narrow down their options and add to cart in a minute. Personally, I need to clear an important part of my day for this step. I lost dozens of YouTube reviews and even more wig websites searching for a look that would have given me a double take; the good kind of double take, by the way. More often than not, I started my search on at least one style in mind - say, a curly sew-in, but just moving the needle. I still had an innumerable number of quality options to choose from.

Within our wigs catalog you can find natural hair wigs and also synthetic fiber wigs. If you have doubts about which one to choose, Touched by an angel beauty salon we offer you the definitive guide to choosing between natural hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs.

Once you have chosen your wig and feel comfortable with it, it is time for maintenance and it is important to do it right. So that your wig is always perfect, take note of these tips:

·         You should not brush the wig. It does not matter whether it is natural or synthetic hair, it is best not to comb it since it loses its shape and elasticity. The best? Detangle it with your fingers and without pulling.

·         You should wash the wig and it is best to do it every 15 days or once a month. It all depends on how often you wear it and if you expose it to many external odors. It is best to use the right products for this, such as the ones you can find in our wig care section.

·         When it comes time to dry the wig, you must take into account whether it is synthetic hair or natural hair. If it is synthetic, do not use a dryer since they cannot withstand exposure to a heat source. Do not comb it when it is wet either, wait for it to dry. Natural hair wigs should also wait until it is dry to be able to comb it.

·         And the most important thing is that you keep the wig in its support, with this you will ensure that it remains in good condition and that it maintains its shape.

Please note that The salon in Union City isn’t affiliated with any Touched by An Angel Salons that was started by Patricia Thompson.

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