Painting your house with a pet around? Consider these factors before you start

Looking to paint the interior walls of your house to uplift the environment or has it become inevitable due to the stains on the walls from water leakage? Want some help with waterproofing solutions in Bangalore? Want to go ahead with the thought yet delaying the process because you have a pet in your house? Take a chill pill for you are covered!

Painting your house with pets around and without a plan in place can be a daunting task. Here are some points you should consider before kick-starting:

Volatile organic compounds (‘VOC’): This is the most commonly overlooked factor while selecting house paint colors. Paints, thinners and adhesives, etc contain toxic chemicals such as lead, ammonia, fungicides which give out toxic fumes in the air and are carcinogenic. If the fumes are so harmful to humans, imagine the impact on your pets. In general, solvent-based paints have a high level of VOC than water solvent ones. Today, there are lots of companies that are focusing on this and you can choose from a wide range of products with low VOC.

Safety/ restraint measures:  Following measures can be considered to avoid potential harm to your pet during the painting job:

Ø  Shifting your pet to a shelter home or a daycare facility.

Ø  If sending away your pet is not an option, then restrain your pet in another room along with necessities such as food, toys, bedding, etc.

Ø  Make sure to keep the windows of your house open, maintain ventilation, and avoid any kind of suffocative environment.

Ø  Maintain a strict vigil on your pet’s movements and avoid any lobbying near the painting area. This is for the safety of your dog from the open paint boxes or any loose hardware items lying on the floor.

Ø  Monitor your pet’s behavior on day to day basis. See for any irregular symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, difficulty in breathing, etc. The occurrence of any such symptoms should be reported to your veterinary doctor.

Ø  Pets can also be taken out for frequent walks, which would help in two things

 (a) intake of fresh air at regular intervals

(b) controlling their anxiety level. The pets tend to get anxious due to the presence of many unknown faces in the house.

Ø  Even after the painting work is completed, the pets should not be allowed in the area for at least another 72 hours. This to avoid your pets touching any surface which is not dry or rubbing the paint on themselves.

Type of paint:  To keep your walls clean for a longer duration of time, the choice of house paint color is very important. You can select from a wide range of washable paints available in the market today. In general, a matte finish would be best suitable as it helps in hiding away any kind of imperfections or dust settled on the walls.

Water-proofing: Dampness on the walls/roofs can make any house look unattractive or displeasing. Taking preventive measures to tackle this issue is as important as selecting your house paint color. Dampness in the walls can be caused due to various factors such as water stagnation on the roof, cracks on the wall resulting in rainwater seepage, etc. With the help of a little bit of research online and consulting your friends and colleagues you can find numerous options for waterproofing solutions in Bangalore.

Revamping your house can be an exciting process, but be sure of doing the necessary research and have a proper plan before starting, to get the best results.

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