Why the Eaton PowerXL DG VFD Series Should Get Consideration

Eaton up the ante when it made the PowerXL DG1 series of variable frequency drives available. These VFDs have been specifically built to address the generalist gap in the market, where VFDs need to be able to function in a variety of placements and provide a reliable, high quality base platform for electrical and automated system control. Because manufacturers are pushing the envelope for smaller, more customized and flexible production systems, addressing far more niches in their markets, VFDs have to be able to adjust as well. Eaton provides that solution with the PowerXL DG1 series while still making sure the three critical factors are not compromised: efficiency, reliability and safety.

The Eaton PowerXL DG1 series provides a system manager a number of key benefits including:

Intuitive Learning – The PowerXL DG1 series provides a proven easy installation guide and software package that allows for seamless integration into an existing management system. That includes diagnostics, component applications that sync with software, physical button controls and a modifiable keypad for manual input or no input at all at the equipment level.

Compact Design – the PowerXL design focuses on tighter, space-saving shapes and assembly that insures a new VFD isn’t going to take up a valuable footprint with existing equipment.

Critical Energy Management – Making sure every bit of energy is used in the most valuable, efficient way possible, the PowerXL DG1s models are proven in their ability to actively keep energy costs down. Users can easily expect at least a 10 percent reduction in energy consumption by cost when switching over to the PowerXL platform versus older VFDs. Much of this is due to the Active Energy Control included by Eaton. That patented system cuts down on the motor demand for current flow while keeping the motor running at an optimum speed.

High Reliability – Tested and verified for both spectrums of overload, Eaton’s PowerXL VFDs continue to keep functioning when many other competitors fail.

Certification & Standards – As a base minimum the PowerXL series meets all the necessary industry standards expected, including CE, cUL, C-Tick, RoHS and UL.

To find out more about how the Eaton PowerXL DG1 series of VFDs can benefit your particular system or environment, give our expert staff at Seagate Controls a call or email. We'd be glad to help and walk through your specifications and needs directly.

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