The Watlow PM6 Controller for Industrial Food Production

Watlow controllers are not just for production systems and part manufacturing or system flow management. They can be used in the cooking industry as well. Watlow has long been a controller producer for systems that provide industrial heat, need temperature sensor reporting and control, and thermal system management. Because Watlow actually designs its controllers to work with these application environments, their performance is spot on with efficiency as well as reading output reliability. Watlow PM6 controllers also work extremely well for environmental controls as well in oven or heated containment systems.

For example, a Watlow PM6 matched to an environmental containment unit that needs to regularly expel carbon dioxide buildup from its internal process can easily monitor and track the amount of CO2 buildup to the internal air environment. When the CO2 alarm is triggered, the PM6 can be implemented to automatically turn on the necessary notices as well as configuration so that the buildup doesn’t continue and the internal system production is not compromised.

Other applicable features of the Watlow PM6 for heat and temperature control environments common with food production include:

  • All PM6 models come with TRU-TUNE+ integrated in them for adaptive control benefits
  • Auto-tune features allow for multiple unit configuration on startup
  • Easy-to-use compatibility with software linkages
  • Bluetooth capability
  • Memory saving capability for parameters
  • Protection by a P3T armor barrier
  • Programmable menu
  • Compliant with RoHS standards

The PM6 remains one of the best go-to temperature controllers for automated management and monitoring of industrial ovens, a commonplace production platform for many food industry manufacturers and producers. Instead of just dealing with sound alarms or, worse, relying on human manual control, which is only as good as the employee assigned, the Watlow PM6 takes the guessing game out of heating management in food production and puts your system back into efficient production with preset parameters and system controls.

To find out more, contact our expert staff at Seagate Controls on how to match the Watlow PM6 to your production line today.

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