VFD Profile - The Eaton RGX Regenerative Variable Frequency Drive

Variable frequency drives have been essential in managing larger electrical systems that require frequent adjustment or period changes due to demand and frequency expectations as well as due to fluctuating power supplies. By incorporating a VFD, plant managers can gain the benefit of automated control over linked systems as well as being able to change them as necessary without having to manually reconfigure every system in person every time a variation is needed.

Better Design, Lower Harmonics, Greater Savings

The Eaton RGX VFD series takes VFDs to a new level by redesigning their approach with a VFD that addresses the problem of too much harmonic output when a VFD is connected to a typical DC bus drive. By using an active converter that uses a bidirectional power design, the RGX VFD allows an installer to control a system better without also needing some kind of third part external resistor or the need for in-person mechanical stopping. Instead, the RGX platform from Eaton provides customers an up-to-date motor management control while also continuing to deliver high performance versus degrading the system with additional monitoring. The RGX series tested also notably reduces system feedback distortion by as much as 3 percent.

Because of its powerful design, the RGX VFDs can be applied to a number of different systems ranging from centrifugal pumps to conveyor belt systems to test stands. The flexibility in the RGX series is really only limited by the system equipment a plant has for production.

All the Key Benefits Packaged in one VFD Design

Some of the big benefits of the Eaton RGX series includes the fact that all of the models incorporate the same Eaton SPA/SPI platform, easily standardizing drive management across multiple controls. The physical size of the VFDs are compact, savings space and function in the same package. The energy savings on the RGX series is amazing and over time pays for itself. And the construction on the RGX series take a beating and keep on going reliably without hiccups. Designed to meet IEEE-519 standards, the RGX VFDs really are a step forward for electrical system management in large plants and production facilities. To find out more about the RGX series, contact our staff at Seagate Controls. We can walk you through the differences as well as how the RGX series could be installed and applied in your particular setting.

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