Common Challenges in Education Portal Development

Mobile app development Dubai has been on the forefront since the beginning of this pandemic and it has greatly transformed the way our daily tasks are carried out. From ordering food online to completing our education, the impact has been huge. The education sector, we can say has revolutionized. This has led to the smooth continuation of education and has allowed learning to become more efficient and easier. 

The development of education portals has made it easier for school teachers and students to embrace change without any hesitation and keep track of their progress and work done. And although the world of mobile app development Dubai is working tirelessly towards improving its innovative solutions in the education vertical, there are some challenges that its users face that disrupt the way activities are carried out. Here are some of the disruptive challenges that the development in this industry of education is going through:

The development is shaky:

We can say that mobile app development Dubai has done its best to adapt its practices for the world of online education but the change has been shaky. Students and faculty all over the world have experienced technical issues that have hindered learning. In addition to this, the overload of data and usage has caused multiple portals to crash. This has also been due to lesser choices in the portal division. With more burden being placed on the few available online portals’ halts have been experienced that have been disruptive to education flows.

Portals are not user friendly:

One challenge faced by mobile app development Dubai in the education vertical is that the portals introduced have poor user interfaces. This is bad news since children must enjoy using these portals or the outcomes can be negative. With stringent and dry designs and user interfaces, it has become harder for students to understand the workings of these portals and this has led to discontentment for mobile app development Dubai. An effective school portal design must have dynamic widgets, calendars, editing options, schedule updates, notifications and an events manager. This will increase retention and will likely increase the popularity of your portal for use. 

Hard to keep up with and use:

Not only do students find engaging with education portals difficult but this is also a concern for teachers and school staff using mobile app development Dubai. This is because the sites are difficult to use and keep track of. In addition to this, it is difficult to integrate these portals with other websites since portals do not provide a one stop solution. This makes it difficult to store and put information in and monitor students’ progress. This is why mobile app development Dubai needs to make sure it provides a one stop solution to these issues. 

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