Most Hyped Technologies: A Decade Overview


Not only has the world of digitization done wonders for mobile app development Dubai, it has also led to record breaking advancements that no one could have predicted. In a very short amount of time, the world of mobile app development Dubai has seen tremendous growth in the number of tech gadgets and advancements that has not only resulted in ease for users but has also made the conducting of business operations much easier and cost effective. This has greatly influenced the organizations operate and the way users go about their daily lives. The innovations that are being rolled out every year are promising and transforming. Everyone is now in the search for the next big thing and while they do that lets look at the most hyped up technologies for mobile app development in the past decade:

Cloud computing:

The brilliant idea of breaking up your data into smaller fragments to make it available to people was once considered to be funny, however thanks to the advent of cloud computing in the world of mobile app development Dubai has transformed the way consumer data is used. The rise in the speed of networks and the internet has resulted in this transformative invention to take place. The fact that people can store and process immensely large amounts of data has made business operations and peoples lives much faster and efficient. Tech giants like google are spending billions on cloud computing technology which is resulting in a tremendous increase in their revenue as more and more users opt to use this. 

NFC payments:

Near field communication (NFC) refers to the technology that allows the users of mobile app development Dubai to use contactless payments that is a safe and advanced way in the digital era. It is growing tremendously and is a huge hit especially during the pandemic. This has also enabled safety protocols to be followed and has led to an increase in the growth of mobile app development Dubai allowing users to get connected with vendors anywhere in the world. this has increased the scope of globalization and has increased the profits of thousands of businesses involved in the world of mobile app development Dubai.


This is another very visible technology that has surged during the decade. The functions of drones range from taking professional videos and photos to sharing information. This has transformed the way digital innovation takes place in the world of mobile app development Dubai. Commercial drones are used to track and monitor site inspections and these can also be used by the police for surveillance. Drones are being constantly updated and enhanced for the world of digitization and tech. They are getting smaller in size and are serving better and more wider purposes. 

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