How to Create High School Profile for College Applications?

Need to build a comprehensive, accurate, and impressive high school resume?

Top universities and colleges in the US look beyond your academics to evaluate your profile for admissions. This means that if you are looking at the profile building to study in top colleges, then you must focus on gaining holistic learning and education.

The Need for Building High School Profiles

If you are planning to seek admissions into the top colleges and universities in the US, then you must emphasize on creating a descriptive profile to confirm your spot in these institutions. US college admission board members and representatives require you to create a profile that highlights your academic, non-academic, and holistic education, as well as experience. 

Hundreds and thousands of students match the eligibility criteria for test scores and academics of these top colleges. Given such a scenario, it is your profile that will be the biggest differentiator, when it comes to seeking admission. 

This means there is no guarantee that you will end up into a good college by just scoring high. In order to seek admission into a reputed college or top university, you must emphasize both academic achievements and holistic learning. Your extra-curricular activities will also be taken into consideration at the time of reviewing your profile for admission. 

This implies that your non-academic achievement is the pre-requisite and not just a choice! Put simply, top colleges or universities will evaluate you based on your demonstrated interest, consistency, and ability to pursue different fields of knowledge and education. 

While, many students score high marks or good scores at the high school level, it is the high school profiles that they are capable of building, which provides colleges with a creative method for evaluating and selecting candidates that are better when compared to others. 

This is where Acadru comes into the picture!

Build Your Profile for Top College Admissions

Whether you are looking for high school projects, or even if you wish to prepare a solid profile for college admissions in the US, we have you covered! Acadru offers a variety of modules on multiple topics across different fields of study, as well as academic interests. If you are specifically searching for top online high school programs, or even if you need quality content, fresh ideas, and innovative concepts focused on interdisciplinary learning, Acadru can provide you with one and all!


Colleges in Dubai have their own requirements when it comes to students submitting profile applications. Being one of the foremost destinations that are attracting tons of foreign students, leading colleges and universities in this part of the world are very strict when it comes to applications. By working with experts in student cells in these institutions, students that are applying can help their chances of securing admissions. A student profile is like a resume that requires all the positive accomplishments of the students to be highlighted.

Holistic Development, Projects & More

Acadru is the perfect spot to find free of cost learning modules, high school science projects, and expert content that not only aids holistic development but also helps you to build a potent profile for college admissions abroad. Acadru enables you to accomplish learning outcomes, which help you fulfill your future career goals with ease and perfection. Our high school project ideas, concepts, and content allow you to gain expertise in different areas or subjects that can be further used for building a strong profile for college admission. 

Online courses on Acadru for online schools, high school & college admission along with outstanding blogs, videos, and journals focus on multi-disciplinary learning and provide you with deep insight & understanding of different topics. 

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