Tree Lopping by the Experts

There are a lot of good things about having trees on a property, whether it is your residence or a place of work, they add real appeal and value. But for them to help shade your property, block unattractive areas and help reduce pollution, you need to look after them properly. There are a few things that a tree expert can do to keep trees healthy and strong and thriving. One of those is the option of tree lopping Perth.

What is lopping?

Lopping is not just a term for any cut made. It is an actual type of cut where they are made vertically. An expert might use lopping cuts for example to remove some large side branches from a tree if it needs trimming back. Another type of cut, topping, is the expert using horizontal cuts which they use most often to trim the crown of the tree. Sometimes trees can be a risk to the property, there might be damage from a storm, they might be growing too closely to power lines. Whatever the case it is time to call in an expert service that can handle the tree lopping safely and do it correctly. Lopping is not as simple as some might think, there is knowledge and skill involved if you want to do it correctly and still have a healthy growing tree.

During the tree lopping process, you may need to cut a strong and massive tree branch. In such cases, it is better to call Tree Service Round Rock for tree cutting as they have proper tools and experts for this purpose.

Why using an expert is important

You might not realise it but trees can become stressed and that can affect their growth. When a tree is not correctly trimmed or lopped this can lead to several issues. They might not show up right away but in the end at some point you will have to call in a professional arborist to fix the mistake, so you might as well avoid that and use them from the start. What can happen to the tree? Well incorrect lopping can lead to; 1. Reduces their ability to resist decay because of the injury caused by incorrect lopping 2. If too many leaves are removed this can lead to the tree not being able to absorb enough nutrients and it essential starves 3. If disease or starvation is not treated the tree can die 4. Proper trimming encourages proper growth and development 5. The appearance of the tree will look better when an expert in tree lopping Perth does it

Who are the tree experts?

Arborists are experts trained in the care of trees which includes knowing how and when they need to do some lopping. When you need any help with the pruning, trimming, lopping, health and so on of your trees, it makes sense to call in an arborist. They have the knowledge, tools, resources and skills to do what is needed. Sometimes when dealing with trees things like tree rigging, putting up elevated work platforms, climbing and such are required. 


Tree lopping is not something you should take on by yourself and you could end doing more harm. Not only is it a risk to your tree, it is a safety concern to use such tools when you are not trained to. Once your tree is properly lopped by an expert you can then clear away dangerous branches over the driveway and have the best way to sell your used caravan online.

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