Breaking the Habit – How to Get Your Life Back Again

Escaping Addiction - why is it so hard?

Withdrawal from any drug addiction can be a painful and frightening process. It is not something to go through alone. Drug rehab programs help people through this process. They maximize the chances of total recovery.

Going 'Cold Turkey', where you simply stop taking the drug that you are addicted to is dangerous. It is not a recommended addiction treatment. Depending on your substance of choice, the withdrawal effects may include anxiety and depression. You may suffer from muscle cramps, severe shaking and convulsions. Worse may follow with hallucinations and a complete loss of balance as your body adjusts to the absence of a drug that it has come to depend on. You may sweat far more than usual, and your skin and various orifices may exude fluids that smell horrid. You could end up dead.

If you are strong-willed, you may get through this initial stage. In a few days, the symptoms of withdrawal will fade, and you will feel stronger. You may start to sleep again, and you will be able to stand up and walk around (if you can hold on to something).

It is more likely that you will crave an end to the suffering so much that you will take a dose of the drug to make the pain go away. You will have failed again, reinforcing the anxiety, self-loathing and guilt. You will possibly lose the friends and family who might have helped you in the past but no longer feel that they can go on supporting you. Each time you relapse, you risk further physical damage, and it becomes harder to get free from the drug's grip.

Whether you manage to get through the first few days or not, the statistics show that over 50% of addicts relapse almost straight away. The root cause of the addiction is still there. Drug rehab specialists treat far more than the physiological aspects of the addiction. Without solving the deep-rooted triggers that make someone take drugs, relapse is inevitable.

Escaping addiction - the solution.

There is a way out. Proper addiction treatment programs are designed to maximize the chance of success. The withdrawal procedure is managed by medically trained staff. They can administer decreasing amounts of the drug or a substitute that simulates the real drug. This gives time for the body to adjust to the loss of its normal dose of the poison. Your blood pressure, pulse rate, temperature and other vital statistics will be monitored. Blood samples will show doctors if you are short of any vitamins or minerals and you will get supplements and fluids to speed up your recovery.

Then comes the hard bit. Once you are back on your feet you will start to work with specialists on the reasons behind your addiction. Getting off the drug is one thing - staying off it is another.

Group therapy and other talking therapies are often used to start the long-term recovery plan. A twelve-point plan approach may be suggested. This involves regular meetings like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. They follow a series of steps that have worked for many addicts over decades. There may also need to be practical help on finance or housing for example. This is where an inpatient drug rehab in Texas scheme is so important. Recovery from addiction is only possible if the triggers that lead to the addictive behavior are addressed.

One of the drugs that has been gaining popularity in pop culture is MDMA. This is a very dangerous party drug that is oftentimes mixed with other substances in order to cause stronger effects. So what is MDMA? MDMA, also known as ecstasy, is Methylenedioxymethamphetamine which is a psychoactive drug which gives the user a feeling of euphoria and unlimited energy. As you can tell by the name, this is a synthetic drug which is very similar to Methamphetamine.

Escaping addiction is one of the most difficult challenges you can have in your life. Nevertheless, there are a few things you can do in order to make the process a bit easier. For example, you can attend an Arizona drug rehabilitation centre where experts are ready to help you throughout the whole process.

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