Can Shredded Documents be Put Back Together?

The majority of people think that shredding is the end of it when it comes to document destruction. But in fact, there are a lot of times when even when something has been shredded, there is a chance someone determined enough could put those pieces back together again. Not all document shredding Brisbane is as final as you might hope. It comes down to how the destruction happens, what type of shredder you use and what happens to it after that.

Putting shredded paper back together has come a long way

Since the beginning of shredding machines, there were people who would still dig through sacks of shredded material, willing to sit and manually piece them back together. It has been done for criminal purposes including business espionage and identity theft, and it has been done by spies and more. Today the process of putting the pieces back together is often undertaken with the help of machines. Because of this those in highly classified situations will not just shred the documents but will also have them pulped and pulverized and then chemically decomposed. But computers can help reassemble pieces now by doing scans and using software to piece together the pieces one more. Even when with paper shredding those pieces are in the millions!

Paper shredding services

The most effective way to have your documents shredded in a permanent and secure manner is to look for a reputable and professional document shredding Brisbane company. The best way to shred something until it is unlikely to be put back together before you reach the need for chemical decomposition is to make sure it is shredded into confetti type pieces. The problem with some shredding machines made for office use is some still shred into strips. Even thin strips can be re-assembled by the determined criminal.

With a good paper shredding service, you can avoid shredding injuries, avoid having to purchase a shredding machine and have to invest in its repairs and care and avoid having to pay staff to do the shredding. Sometimes people feed things that should not be shredded and do damage to the machine. Sometimes you get the wrong type trying to save money and end up not able to destroy CDs and such as you need to. With a shredding company, you do not have any of those concerns, it is all taken care of, and you just need to make sure you get the certificate of destruction for your records.


So yes some shredded papers can be put back together. Strips are easier to do but with modern advances even smaller pieces of shredded documents might be too. In some cases, it takes a lot of time, as well as some expensive equipment. The most secure option for regular businesses is to have on-site shredding by a reputable paper shredding company. If you need more than just paper shredded, be sure to ask, but many will also destroy old forms of digital data like CDs, and DVDs.

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